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Principle 1: Excellence does not come to the leisure; The collective does not feed the lazy.
Principle 2: In a work unit, do not just pay attention to making money, first learn and dedicate yourself worth the money.
Rule 3: No industry is easy to make money.
Principle 4: Work, no place is favorable, inhibited frustration is normal.
Principle 5:

  • Not earning money, gaining knowledge.
  • Without gaining knowledge, gain experience.
  • Not earning experience, gain experience.
  • When you get the stuff, do not be afraid to make money.
    Principle 6: Only when we change our attitude can we change our position in society. It is only when we change our working attitude that we gain a high position in our profession.
    Principle 7: Causes people to feel ambiguous only one. It is in the years that we should strive, so work hard, we think too much, but do too little. And always remember: Work with the mind! "
    People say youth is precious, I want to add that, only when striving, your capital is worth; Only at risk, your youth is worth your pride.
  • Open your mouth mentioned the difficulty, the maturity is way too far away.
  • Just put a little effort was thought to answer, the opportunity has been way too far away.
  • Just started to work on thinking of personal benefits, sweet fruit has been way too far away.
  • Just a little flourishing has demanded conditions, the future is way too far away.
  • Have just cooperated to think how not to lose, the career is way too far away.

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