Milestone Achieved - My 600th Post on Steemit

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A little less then 3 years on Steemit now and here I am on my 600th post. When this journey of Steemit began I never thought I would reach this far. Though I feel sad that many have quit Steem for whatever reasons, I know they are good reasons but still you feel the pain of something so wonderful falling apart.

It is such a pleasure for me today to write this post. I have written on end number of topics, Travel, Crystals, Life coaching, Health, Personal experiences, Family Life, Children, Spirituality and so much more. When I reflect back on my work I really feel amazed, is this me? First it used to be in diaries and now online blogs and my passion of writing continues. My English is not very good, but I have a lot in my mind which I try to translate in words and put it forward, and I guess that passion works for me. Many people have told me that I write too long and that I need to break down my content, but for me writing is a flow. I have tried and improved as much as I could but still some traits of me will be visible in my writing, which I cannot avoid. For me writing is more important then anything else.

Yes it is fetching me good returns and I m glad because I have set some very tough goals for my future life and all this effort is towards fulfilling those goals.
Once again I am very thankful to all my supporters for encouraging me and motivating me with their support, else I would not had been in a position to make this 600th post.

I sincerely want to thank a couple of people who have been with me right through out the beginning and their support in all ways mean a lot to me @canadian-coconut, @eco-alex, @jatinhota, @enginewitty.
I do not limit my thanx only to them, for sure everyone's support has only made me reach to this level.


I have tried to be regular as much as possible, even in the difficult days I try to sneak in some time to make a post. There are times when I need to give that extra push to myself to write. There are some days when absolutely there is no inclination to write, but I push myself a little extra in those days and continue. I hope I can keep this rigor on.

In the recent times we have all experienced how uncertain our lives can become, so much has changed and really we do not know what future holds. But still we need to keep trying our best in all ways. I am also not sure what happens to my goals, how they will shape up in future.I was looking at less then 2 years from now to start my ventures but now I will need to asses the situation may be 6 months down the line and see how it works. But whatever I will continue to keep writing and from my side will give 100%.

I am looking forward to making my 1000 post and that will be one big achievement for me.

Once again thank you everyone for bringing me to this level. Lots of Love, Peace and happiness to all.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

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Congrats, you've shown some real commitment and consistency and that's something to be proud of, Keep up the great work

Congrats, you have done so well here ! You deserve it all :D

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