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I want to show everyone the most beautiful photography on different topics of the day from different social media. This is a small work to represent the best photography of the day. My work is to highlight the latest photography of the day.

I am doing this from my own pleasure. I love photography and so from the heart want to see the best one photography of the day. Every day i will publish 9 or 10 photos. You may help me to find out the best one of the day. The source of this photograph may be any kind of social media. Thank you.


At first when i see it i have upvoted this post. But very soon i realised that very much possible this is NOT your photo. And you have not specified any source it.
So it sure does not deserves my upvote, and i have removed it.
I will further explore if your "9 to 10 photos" every day can be called plagiarism, and shoul be Downvoted instead.

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