Hello steemains!

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

This is for the first time m writing something on steemit, looks like a new world altogether though the population of steemains is increasing however a huge chunk of population is still unaware of steemit as i was maself unaware of this community till my cousin (rather my friend) introduced me to steemit.
I m very postive that its never too late to start.
My journey began almost 2 weeks before when i registered on steemit not knowing what to do further as i was told to have patience i was getting impatient with every passing day not knowing how much time the verification mail will take & finally it came yesterday.
And here i am writing for first time eva tryn to learn & know as much as possible & as soon as possible.


Welcome brotha, 8 urge you to to do #introduceyourself post, and follow some Steemians whose posts you interested in. Keep Steeming. . .

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