Minutes of horror as if they were forever .. Witnesses talk about the New Zealand incident

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Minutes of horror as if they were forever .. Witnesses talk about the New Zealand incident


The world is still suffering from the trauma of the terrorist attack in New Zealand, which killed 49 people and left 48 others hospitalized in minor and serious injuries after an Australian right-wing extremist opened fire in two Christchurch synagogues.

After revealing the identity of the gunman and his motives and condemnations from all over the world, began the accounts of witnesses what happened during the minutes of horror experienced by dozens of Muslim worshipers.

One of the witnesses, who was present at a nearby restaurant, spoke: "The incident happened not far from us about 200 meters away, we were in the restaurant and we heard a terrible sound like a wheel explosion, we wondered what was happening around us, and people began to flock to us with blood and fear. Trembling "

Another witness said: "I heard the shooting of the first time, and when I heard it for the second time, I ran. I saw people sitting on the ground. I ran to the back of the mosque and hid behind a container and called the police.

While another said: "I saw a weapon on the ground and the police were there, there were a lot of dead and wounded."

An eyewitness told CNN that he had taken the father and his three-to-four-year-old daughter to hospital after the girl was shot in the back and could not be reached by ambulance crews.

One witness, who was in one of the mosques, a Palestinian, said he saw a man shot dead in the head.

"I have heard three shots and 10 seconds later the shooting has returned from an automatic weapon because there can not be a person who opens fire with speed, then people are trying to escape from the mosque and some of them were bleeding," he told AFP.

Another witness said he heard gunfire and saw four bodies on the ground, while another revealed the mosque of the light saying he was praying when the attack began and when he fled he saw his wife, a dead body on the ground in front of the mosque. Another witness said he saw dead children and that there were bodies everywhere.


Dear @nabil.nassiri

Thank you for sharing link to your publication with me (via memo).

I'm quite speachless and it's really hard to think of anything smart to say about that incident. It's not a rocket sience to understand that organization similar to ISIS will have thousands new recruits joining them now. They received amazing tool from our western society. I would only expect more people to die in upcoming months :(

What do you think buddy?

Yours, Piotr

I think this incident will not pass this way and will make many think of revenge. We hope that security will prevail throughout the world.

Dear @nabil.nassiri

I was just watching some documentary explaining that new routes of trafficking people from some african countries are changing towards Marocco (instead of Lybia).

Do you feel any difference with amount of illegal immigrants there?


Now Morocco has become a destination for a number of sub-Saharan immigrants and we have a large number of them in our city. So much so that they took advantage of a number of public places to beg. They see Morocco as a gateway to Europe, but with the difficulty of migration they are settled here.


Omg. That must be very frustrating and increasinly dangerous @nabil.nassiri