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HF19 may have tipped the scales a little too much. I've always been excited about giving people a few $ per post. Imagine my surprise when my vote was worth $20 usd! Wow!!!

That's real money at 10 votes a day. So what prevents people from setting up spam accounts and voting all rewards to themselves via proxy? I realize they could do that with lesser amounts, but it's not worth their time.

In short, I think we overshot the mark on this one.


Please prove that your vote is 20$ on this comment... 😂

Boom! Crazy huh?


What are the chances I can dare you to prove that your vote is STILL $20.00 now on this comment as well? Haha

HAHA :D very creative

People can also upvote their own comments. So in your case you can make $200 a day just by upvoting your own comments. Kinda crazy yes.

They don't really have to make spam accounts, they can just post 10 lousy articles and upvote each one.

This is crazy! It's hard to grasp when you're new. My votes are worth $0.02 but I'm trying to give back to as many I can, and hoping to get some love in return. I can't wait till my account hits $80000+ as yours. Imagine how fun it would be to give people $16-20 a day, when they are use to get $0.1 a day.

I'm riding this wave as long as I can! Happy Steemit!!!!!

I agree, I wonder how it worked so! It's a little too easy!

Your vote is worth of $20 because the deserving person deserves what he is worthy of.
I'm also here for your vote I just wish I can get that before my post's payout.

That's cool !!! Can you please someone by making one Upvote!!!

I think the problem is, there will be many greedy people. We all know greed brings out the bad side of us and maybe, even this big upvotes sound really nice in the wallet, this could destroy or hurt this great visionary network. Do you think there is some chance they will regulate down again with HF 20? I did not found really much about this a few days ago. Have a nice day ;)