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Exactly what I plan on doing haha. Nice image, its also rather accurate.



God damn it. You are killing it with every post!!!!

I freaking love your comics @mynameisbrian!

The Twitter part had me rolling!

Awesomeness! For some reason, the three Steemit dudes remind of "The Three Wise Men." Maybe they are...

How hilarious!! You are so funny.. I have shared 2 of your posts to my facebook. Is that considered artistic irony?

Nice post lol 😂

A lot of our politicians spend a lot of time on the toilet... Great work!

Woo! That's a little too close to the truth! Great comic!

We don't waste our time posting food pictures and waiting for Retweet....We Steem On


Get that steem train a rolling.


On it mate.....SteemForce!


Steem is my spirit animal.

This is great! A follow for you!!! (In my best soup nazi voice.)



So true. Keep sharing your posts! Are excellent !

jajaaa! thats dang right! we post and earn $$$ wooohooo babe! lol

nice...i can feel it... STEEMIT will be the future of social networks. Earn real money to post, cant beat that with a wiffle ball bat


hilarious. educational. what more could one want. :|
I heard your comment in the captain from Brooklyn 99's voice ^_^


If they don't know..better ask somebody...

Everyday's read. Tks!

If you are on any of the other social media you are basically the product being sold

Essence captured! :)

ayyyyy aint this comic the truth. Both funny and honestly pretty accurate.

@mynameisbrian your feed is 🔥🔥🔥

Great comic!
Thanks for sharing Steem on :)

Love it! ❤

I have had a SMO (Social Media Overdose)