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Exactly what I plan on doing haha. Nice image, its also rather accurate.



God damn it. You are killing it with every post!!!!

I freaking love your comics @mynameisbrian!

The Twitter part had me rolling!

Awesomeness! For some reason, the three Steemit dudes remind of "The Three Wise Men." Maybe they are...

How hilarious!! You are so funny.. I have shared 2 of your posts to my facebook. Is that considered artistic irony?

Nice post lol 😂

A lot of our politicians spend a lot of time on the toilet... Great work!

Woo! That's a little too close to the truth! Great comic!

We don't waste our time posting food pictures and waiting for Retweet....We Steem On


Get that steem train a rolling.


Steem is my spirit animal.

This is great! A follow for you!!! (In my best soup nazi voice.)



So true. Keep sharing your posts! Are excellent !

jajaaa! thats dang right! we post and earn $$$ wooohooo babe! lol

nice...i can feel it... STEEMIT will be the future of social networks. Earn real money to post, cant beat that with a wiffle ball bat


hilarious. educational. what more could one want. :|
I heard your comment in the captain from Brooklyn 99's voice ^_^

If they don't know..better ask somebody...

If you are on any of the other social media you are basically the product being sold

ayyyyy aint this comic the truth. Both funny and honestly pretty accurate.

@mynameisbrian your feed is 🔥🔥🔥

Great comic!
Thanks for sharing Steem on :)

Love it! ❤

I have had a SMO (Social Media Overdose)