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When you've waited your whole life to post this GIF

Needs moar Steemy-ness!


I had to look hard to see the was yellow!

I can't believe this hasn't been done before. Especially with a doge on it.

You've done an amazing job @mynameisbrian
i use to work on photoshop by my self few years back and i can understand it was not easy... Keep up the good work and a big thumbs up for a nice piece of art...

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Nice simulation of van Gogh's brush stokes on the Steem logo.

more like "trippy night". check my latest post. I think you will appreciate it as a fellow artist.

That's a pretty cool variation!

Nice 👍 Isn't this that panting where if you look at a picture of a spinning swirl, then look at this one; it starts swirling itself? Kinda link an optical illusion? Haha, pretty awesome! thanks for sharing! ^_^

Subtle Steemyness is just right! I just recently posted a blog also #art , check it out if you like.

Van Gogh would use Steemit if he was still alive.

Resteemed. Thanks for the info and work.

appreciate your follow back

This is really cool! Very pretty.
Took the time to check out some of your other posts. Nice stuff, will be following you :)

instead of starry night? followed :)

Cool Edvard Munch style

lovely dear. Van Gogh will be very happy if he were alive today.

Nice touch! Subtle and blends in well!

Aha! I love the steemit logo :D Great job!

That' beautiful. Just found your account, lots of great stuff here :D

you should make a collection of edited steem-art

Hey, how come you got 144 already with just 36 views? What is the trick? Thanks!


Joined a year ago and met some of my fellow steemians. Takes time.


ok,thanks for replying. What is the 72 next to your name? Mine has 42 and I don't know what it is.

It is a good picture !! My blog also has pictures. Please come to play ~

its beautiful !! upvote worthy

The logo looks organic, like it's been painted in oil as well.
How did you achieved that real-oil-brush effect?

great interresting post !