Optimize your artice to social network , Help bring more new users to steemit

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We can see steem prices still falling, I said before, the most important reason is that new users is slow and not many active users

steemit need more new users to buy steem power, I have a plan you are interested can look I writed articles

Today, we need real action to do the marketing, starting with social networks, you steemit write articles, Share your circle of friends or social networks, can bring some people's attention

I'll pick out some good artice from CN and to do social marketing

@myfirst at Pinterest.com


@myfirst at deviantart

@myfirst at stumbleupon

@myfirst at wehearit

You can sync to your twitter, facebook, google +, reddit and more sites

The purpose of gathering SteemFest You need do marketing

Thank you!


你可以同步到自己的twitter, facebook, google+,reddit 和更多的网站
steemit需要更多的新用户来购买steem power, 我有许多方案,你们有兴趣可以看下我以前写的文章
CN 所有好的文章,我会挑选出来,做为推广典范

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