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Steemit has gotten a bad rap during 2018 as the value of the Steem cryptocurrency continued to bottom out. All cryptocurrencies during this time have been dropping hard so it wasn’t unexpected for Steem to do so as well. Now, partway through 2019, we are starting to see things picking up again but not for Steem (not really yet anyway). It seems that many have lost confidence and feel that blogging on this platform is not worth it. This may be true still at the moment, especially with the paid bot voting issue, but who knows what the future holds. The heavily cut-back Steemit team are still working on new technologies and ideas which may cause a significant boost to the platform in the future.


Regardless of the woes, I am going to continue blogging here as I still want to support this blockchain technology. Remember that anything you post here will be viewable by anybody with access to the blockchain. It is complete blogging freedom. Even if Steemit decides to censor your content and not display it, it is still there, just hidden. Somebody else can make a Steem blockchain viewer that will have your content easily visible. That’s the beauty of it. For example, check out steemdb.com. I’m sure there are others. Also, Steemit is just the flagship blogging app created for Steem, there are many other non-blogging apps out there that live on the Steem blockchain (see https://steemprojects.com).

Someone developed a neat widget which you can use on your own website to show your blog posts from Steemit. I use this myself on vidberg.com. You can try it out by going to https://mktcode.github.io/steemit-widgets/generator.html and adjusting some customisation settings and applying the code snippet they supply on your site.

I barely started blogging here back in 2017 and didn’t keep at it. I am going to try again now but I’m noticing how few up-votes I’m getting (as compared to back then). I guess the thing about getting yourself noticed by replying to others posts is still true. And getting hooked up with a Steemit community probably wouldn’t hurt either. I’m still a newb but my content is original and genuine. Recommendations are welcomed.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I think what lends steemit its true value is the communities that blog and hang out here, and being a part of them. There's something for everyone no matter what you're into- music, writing, homesteading, silver stacking... And the joy of finding your tribe is that, no matter what happens in terms of the value of steem... the value of your friendships will always make it worth being here. Have fun. Evie xx

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Hi @mvidberg great to have you back. I just checked out your account and I'm like "o boy, I wish I had signed up same time". Many of those who currently hold a huge stake are early adopters from 2016. An introductory posts doesn't get up to $0.5 and barely has human comments nowadays.

Nevertheless, it is a good thing you're here to give it another try. Sure it will be a band you experience.

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I would echo what simplymike has said. Communities and contests are really important from what I've seen on this platform.
It is much slower on here than it used to be, though I also hope it picks back up in time and I think it might!

I would suggest looking into @steemitbloggers as they have a really healthy and vibrant community and also a contest I run which simplymike mentioned is the @ifc though there's only about 5 rounds left this season.. However you only need to get 1 point to make it into the finals so it's never too late to give it a try!

Good luck with your efforts on here and hopfully one day we see steem make a comeback. :)

Hey there and welcome back. What happened that you dropped out from the blogging habit back in 2017? By the looks of it that was the year when everything was peachy in here.

I myself have just recently started and find the community support amazing. Of course, there's all those bots and lots of second-grade content, but there's plenty of genuine bloggers too. I can’t compare what it was like in 2017, but I can judge what's happening now and I love it.

Unfortunately I was just too busy with other things at the time to do any blogging.

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