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Do you prefer blending your liquid or cream foundation using your fingers? Are you a makeup addict with beauty sponges and brushes?

The way you apply foundation can actually affect the finish of your makeup. Regardless of whether you’re an on-the-go type, budding beauty addict or a makeup pro, here a few ways to apply your foundation and concealer.

What can You Use to Apply Foundation and Concealer?

• Your Fingers.
This technique is good if you are using a tinted moisturizer, BB cream,
or CC cream that can easily be blended. The natural warmth of your fingers will help warm the product to blend it into your skin.

• A “Beauty Sponge.”
This is a great tool for both beginners and pros. It is easy to use, hygienic, affordable, and easy to find. It can also be used dry or damp, depending on how you want your makeup to look (matte or dewy). You can also use a sponge if you want to add more layers of foundation to your skin, since it allows you to dab and blend various layers.

• A Brush.
Brushes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Choosing one can be intimidating at first, but any beauty consultant can
help you. For best results, use a densely- packed brush to buff your powder or liquid foundation. Brushes are also great for mid-day touch-ups.

Here are a few videos where I went into details and explained everything you need to know about the use and application way of foundation and concealer in steps!

How Should I Apply My Foundation? | Live Stream:

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How To Blend Foundation Properly:

How To Use A Brush To Apply Perfect Liquid Foundation:

How To Use A Beauty Blender To Apply Flawless Foundation:

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