World Steemit United Community (WSUC)

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Rule 1: You have to be serious and energetic working with WSUC on steemit.
Rule 2: Everyday you’ve to do two post.
Rule 3: 1st post you’ve to do between (10 AM-12 PM) and 2nd post you’ve to do between (2 PM – 4 PM).
Rule 4: You’ve to do Upvote and Comment (Each Other) on 1st post between (12 PM-2 PM) and 2nd post between (4 PM-6 PM).
Rule 5: You’ve to follow each other and remember, the comments should be good & also unique.
Rule 6: Everyday you’ve to do above tasks in time and properly.
[N.B.: Our admin panel will check your votes and comments every day. If you’re fail to do those above tasks every day and properly, you’ll be kicked out from WSUC community without any excuse. We’re street forward, because we are all here to earn stable income from steemit.]

How you’ll be able to find our community members and where to Upvote?

Answer: We’re already develop a website for our WSUC members. You’ll be able to find our community member lists on that website.
Procedure of do upvote: Just go to website and click on UPVOTE button. When you click on UPVOTE button you’ll reach every members profile. Then you’ve to Upvote and Comment 1st two new posts following Rule 3 and Rule 4. That’s it!

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