aceh achievement is very satisfactory

in #steemit4 years ago

good evening steemit friends.
I am very happy to see the achievement of steemit platform which is increasingly popular especially steemians aceh get the highest ranking than other regions.
besides that there are many communities scattered in several seaceh cities that always support the top achievement in the steemit arena
it is this community that always invites and invites people to use platforn steemit in aceh area, including myself suggest my friends use steemit instead of using facebook which can not generate income for its users.
download (1).png

opposite of aceh, I see not many enthusiasts who use steemit platform whether there is less promotion or other causes.

thanks for these two @ kemal13 and @rismanrachman who have helped steemit air on Antero peunayong banda aceh radio.
thank you steemit