Amazing view on the sky... Rainy vs sunny

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Hi all my steemit's friends... Meet me again murni123
today I want to tell you about my experience seeing an interesting scene in the sky when I come home from campus ... it was cloudy but it was interesting when I saw in the sky there was a very amazing scene happening ... rain and sunshine simultaneously and side by side to the earth in time together and close together ... this made me take my camera to capture the rare moment ... a beautiful and unique moment of seeing rain and bright side by side ....
This phenomenon usually occurs due to wind factors that bring rain. Areas that are closer to the mountains naturally lead to more trees when compared to urban areas which of course have dense buildings that make trees rarely grow in this area.
if you look back at the picture it is clear that the area that is raining is an area like Blang Awe,Blang Majron Cot matahe and its surroundings ... as it is known that this area is an area closer to Gunung Pase ... while the sunny area is the area that begins to enter the surrounding city areas such as the area Cot Pling and surroundings.. therefore it is not surprising that this happens because the area covered by trees has more water vapor compared to areas with denser buildings


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