This Steemit Journey Addiction

in #steemit2 years ago (edited)

Addicted yes...Since a week or so, i've really started to become active here on Steemit. I'm taking the time to write a decent post, and I try to interact with the community as much as I can. Writing blogs is something I have re-discovered and it has opened a new way of creatively expressing myself. This passion i've developed has allowed me to try and stay consistent and bring out content on a regular basis here on Steemit. All this has made the addiction really kick in. Add an unhealthy dose of sleep deprivation and maybe soon i'll turn into a fucking Steemit fiend :D


It's 04:34 am right now and i'm still Steemin in bed next to my girlfriend who is about to wake up for work in a couple of hours...I really should go to sleep - which i will after finishing this last little post - but i just had the urge to write just one more little article for you guys. Its a short one but I felt like i had to get this off my chest! :D

Anyways thanks for the read and cya guys soon,


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Yup! Sounds like you're addicted. Totally understandable though ;>)