The Wonderful Community Of Steemit And Minnowsupport

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A lot of new Steemit users don't know how to grow in this whole Steemit platform. You post something and it only brings up a few cents even though you have put all your effort and time in it.

This is something every new Steemit user will know and it can be pretty frustrating...I know the deal..since I am a minnow myself. But I see myself as a small fish swimming in the right school. Swimming together with the dolphins and the whales in this huge ocean. The ocean called P A L, and in this ocean there is always a whale ready to help.


What Is PAL?


PAL, also know as Peace, Abundance, Liberty is this mechanism that has evolved on Steemit to help minnows. They have a variety of different channels . With almost 10 000 members, the PAL discord channel is the most helpful and complete community for minnows.

Okay but how does it help minnows?

1. The Upvote Bots

In the PAL discord there are these two channels called 'banjo' and 'minnowsupport'. Every 24 hours you can command this bot to make an upvote for you.

How to do that you ask? Well its pretty simple and i will go in further detail below:

First you have to join the discord channel. When you have done that you have to enter the registration channel and register with your Steemit name. You register by typing: $register(space)(your Steemitname). You have to send 0.001SBD or 0.001 Steem to msp-reg and post a code you get from minnowsupport.

Once you have sent it, go back to the registration channel and register your name again. Once the registration is done, go to the "Upvote" channel to make a request of upvotes from the bots. Like this : $upvote(space)(url of your steemitpost). Below is a picture of where you can find the upvote channel. Note: You can only do this once every 24 hours.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-22 om 19.35.18.png

2. Post Promotion

This is one of my favorite features. Its a channel where you can share your posts with other people and see what posts other people are sharing. This is nice if you want to find a way to interact with people or to find people that make content you like.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-22 om 19.39.37.png

3. The Contest Channel

A lot of Steemit users post their contests here to let PAL members join. You can join all kinds of contest and maybe earn some money at the same time! Its a nice way of interacting with other members and maybe you can even make a contest of you own!

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-22 om 19.57.43.png

4. A Variety Of Different Other Channels

As you can see there are a variety of other channels where you can interact and chat with other members about all kinds of different subjects.

It's a great way to exchange ideas and thoughts with each other. I recommend looking around here if you are in search of inspiration.

This is also a great way to ask people question on a specific matter. There will always be someone ready to answer your questions .

I recommend checking these channels out a lot. Its a really nice way of making friends and expanding your social contacts. After all, if we want to survive as a community, we have to help each other grow. There is also a general chat where people just discuss random things and where you will see a lot of people welcoming new members.

5. Channels from various countries

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-22 om 20.22.36.png

There are a lot of different channels from different countries with active members ready to help you. If you don't speak English very well you can ask help in your own language in one of these channels. This is great for minnows since they need all the help there is. Minnowsupport and the PAL Discord is one of the best things here on Steemit. Its making the community grow, and they are here to stay. Just like me.

I would like to thank everybody who read my article. I REALLY appreciate it.

To finish my post all I can say is if you are not a member yet, then now is the time to join! I'm sure you won't regret it.

You can join the Discord here:

Special thanks to @minnowsupport


Nice tutorials. Thank you

Handy informative post for a lil minnow like me.

just what I needed to read today! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been dealing with the struggles but now I’m going to plan this better and interact more with the community. Steemit is becoming more and more interesting for me :-)!

Thank you! I'm glad it helped :D , I think we all have the same struggle in the beginning , but that's where you need to keep on going and eventually you will be happy you did :)) !

Yes indeed! Let's do thisssss

Oh and thanks for the resteem! Appreciate it

Thank you! I became a member of this community


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