Were the servers too much?

no ... but there were some problems lately with the bots staying connected to the steem network and I don't have time to deal with it at this point ...

I think the price rise is what killed it, we had regulars up to then.

Be sure to let me know when you start it back up?

but there was no price raise ... it was always 1 STEEM ...

Oh, I meant when steem went up, that is when I cut back on playing.

Maybe if you advertise, brown nose a whale, or join one of the gangs?

Maybe that was the reason ... I also think that it was the fact that people here have most of their money stored in SP and not STEEEM/SBD ...

I'm planning to restart @fasl soon ... in short the same lottery but based on voting and author rewards.

Ok, be sure to tag @freebornangel so I don't miss it.

Is still suspended? Or is working now?

still suspended ... also the python library on which it was build (piston-lib) is not developed anymore ... so I'd have to rewrite it to the other steem lib ... maybe one day ...

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