I don't understand why anyone would want to flag your content @muratkbesiroglu, because you always write excellent posts of value. It's possibly deviant behavior on the flagger.

Once done the damage is palpable. and if they outrank you you're toast. Out your time and your potential earnings.

That is why I think it needs to go bye bye. It hurts the reputation of the platform. It is my biggest gripe here.

I have put my thoughts into an article, and just posted it up on my blog.
Censorship is one of the reasons I came here from facebook. I am offended by their brand of censorship (Shadow Banning). So when I came to Steemit I was shocked when I found out that Steemit's flag system was actually far worse, and I am very concerned for the future coarse of the platform. This will only become a plague over time and cripple your investors enthusiasm in the platform and the currency. No good can come from it...especially from the viewpoint of anyone heavily invested in Steemit. It undermines the very fabric of the investment, and those who are whales should be more farseeing as to the implications for the success of their financial investment, and push hard to have the flag removed. Ultimately when Steemit becomes ghettoized even its long time members will bail. And Steemit will have a tough time keeping newbies for any length of time. Members talk among themselves. Member retention is important to every single member on the platform from plankton on up to whale. I think confidence in a currency is its ONLY real value. The flag stands to undermine everything you and I have built in our blogs. All our sweat and time posting could go down on a dime if posting confidence is undermined. The flag does just that, it undermines your hard work and your hard earned investment of time and money. Back to what I said in the beginning of this rant...I left Facebook for this very reason. Sorry for the rant, but I had to get it off my chest. Thanks.

This flag will be the undoing of Steemit. It needs to go.


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