Revenge Rape – The Most Shameful Decision of a Local Council in Pakistan

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Today, I get shocked when I heard the news while I was passing by the TV in my living room. I couldn’t believe what my ears have heard. It’s was the breaking news on a local news network. A 17 year old girl was raped on the order of a local council. The girl was guilty that her brother raped another 12 year old girl and when that case was presented in front of a local council. The council ordered the brother of 12 year old girl to rape the sister of the raper.

How shameful that decision is, I think inhuman. The police is arresting the 20 council members but the shameful act of these members made me think, what sort of inhuman society I live in. If that’s justice in the eyes of people in our society than I feel we are not, ‘a society’ but a pack of animals living in the jungle with no morals.

I raise my voice to punish those who gave the order in such a way that it becomes a lesson for others with same set of morals living in our society and nobody could even dare to give such order ever again. If you feel the same way then resteem this post.

The full details of this story can be found on these links.

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This is just awful


Yup I know hate myself for being a part of such society.


Its not like you did it yourself ;). It sucks but we can't chose to make people good or bad. Thanks for letting people know about it otherwise I surely wouldn't as the "news" typically tells tales of sh*t no one cares to know.

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