Can't view or edit Owner or Active Private Keys - What does this Mean? Was I part of the Hack?

in steemit •  2 years ago

I am trying to put my private keys in cold storage and change my owner key password to something different than what I signed up with. When I go to the Permissions page I see SHOW links for memo and posting but do not see any SHOW or EDIT links for active and owner.

What does this mean? Have the links been temporarily disabled? Have I been hacked?

Thanks for the help Steemer!

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I don't see those links either. Maybe they are disabled. They really should mention it though, if that's the case.


Glad I'm not alone. I have a feeling they are disabled. Would just like some confirmation.

I don't see them either... I just downloaded an offline key and password program. But I cant see them.

I assume this is related to transfers being disabled. I also see what you do.

We are not calculating or storing those keys at the momentum to prevent new hacking attempts while we audit all of our key handling.


@dantheman is there another way for us to access our owner private key for backup?

On slack people say the keys are disabled!


The keys are enabled and I can see all of them except the Active Key - when I click to authenticate and enter my password it accepts it but the key doesn't change to the Private version - just stays as the Public version with no error message or anything. The other keys work as normal. Anyone else having this issue?