If Cryptocurrency Ever Goes MainStream Our Children Will Play The Biggest Roles.

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MainStream Adoption is the ultimate goal!!!!!

All across the crypto world blockchain enthusiasts dream to see the day the entire world adopts our digital way of life. We have come a long way since the days of the first messages sent via the internet. Back then people didn't know exactly how big the internet would become. I'm pretty sure that if the bbn internet went down the entire world would suffer consequences. I'm not sure how bad it would be but I'm know a few millennials that would jump right off a bridge.
I've heard that we cannot compare today's altcoin market to the dot com boom. I say we can. Of course there are major differences but both eras were full of people trying to come up with the next big thing. After some major successes on the dot com era people were racing to compete. Soon there were hundreds of thousands of websites compared to today's altcoin market which is just a fraction of that. Not even 2000 coins yet according to CoinMarketCap. I agree 100 percent that there are more Shitcoins than anything and I feel that is normal. Back in the day tons of meaningless websites popped up left and right. When the "bubble" finally popped we saw the demise of giants like AOL but in the end a foundation was formed for the internet we all love today.


The Internet a gift that keeps on giving!!!!

When websites began coming out that allowed users to put up content for the world to see with little to no experience the game was changed forever. No regular people had the power to create their own world and build followings. Today a viral video could get you a nice payday thanks to people on TV wanting to interview them. But mainly because they want to cash in on the audience you built. As the years went by the platforms got better and better until we got Facebook. Of course there is twitter and instagram and snapchat and who knows how many other ones. But we all know Facebook is the Alpha in the pack. So becoming a Star is all the internet has to offer?

Of course not!!!!!!

Many people have started online businesses and have become very successfull. That mixed with social media has really helped people take control of there businesses. Giving them the power to directly target the consumers who would most likely use their product. This is just one example. But as you can see the internet has become more and more useful as time goes on. No we have been introduced to Blockchain tech. Which is poised to give put financial power back in the hands of the consumer. That is only the financial side of it. There really is not limit as to how we could implement this tech in our everyday lives. From data storage to elections all the way down to the organic tomato we buy at the super market.
Over the years I have observed people going against the system more often. People are less afraid to speak up and are standing up for what they believe in. It's only a matter of time until the masses rises and forces the government to become more transparent by operating on blockchain tech. I can see this happening who knows I might even see this at the end of my lifetime. Of course this is a double edge sword because most large companies would also have to adopt a transparent system in order to appeal to the public.

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The United States thrives on saying it is a country ran by its citizens. I beg to differ. It is ran by it's wealthy citizens, leaving those who are less fortunate with their needs forgotten. In a transparent world run on blockchain the majority will truly become powerful and have a real voice. I see this starting with our children. We are the ones who invented the technology and experimented with it. They will pick out the most useful of the technologies and create a stable foundation for generations to come. Hopefully our kid's kids will grow up already knowing what crypto is birthing the Mass adoption we have all been dreaming of.

So that's my not so expert opinion. Crypto will become mainstream in two generations or just become an expensive relic. My money is on crypto spreading like wildfire.
I am going to end this with something completely insane and scary at the same time. Since Bitcoin was invented people have viewed it or another coin eventually becoming a worldwide currency. Can Bitcoin become the currency of the world? If it does guess what? That means that the Bible predicted Bitcoin. Yes I know that sounds pretty crazy but it does state in the Bible that there would be a worldwide currency. Only bad thing is that the Bible also say this would happen during the end of days. Clearly a catch-22 situation. Don't believe me pick up the Bible and read Revelations.

Don't let that scare you!!!!!

One thing I do know is that we are living in a technological revolution. Some say it can last 100 years while others believe we will ultimately destroy ourselves. With the ever increasing demands money is always hard to come by. So eventually once this joke of a currency the Dollar collapses or becomes worthless people will run to crypto. Twenty years ago 20 bucks bought you a whole lot more than what 20 bucks gets you today. Eventually milk will cost my grandkids 20 dollars if we continue down this path. Yes I know people have been saying the dollar is going to collapse for decades but the evidence is clear that we are on a road to disaster.
Which is why I have already put the blockchain bug in my oldest sons ear. He already owns bitcoin he earned from this very site. He has also earned a little bit of SP but gained tons of valuable information. I guess that is where this cycle continues. Hopefully he will teach his son in the future and so on and so forth. I tell him all the time that one day his .1 BTC will be worth more than he could even dream of. Than BTC dropped 70 percent in value. Lol Try explaining that to a 13 year old. At the end of the day it is up to each of is to pass on this knowledge to our family and friends. If not they will all miss out on a potential opportunity to become financially free!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the insightful article, I also think crypto will go mainstream but, I hope it won't be in 2 whole generations or even 1, feels too long. lol And I've also been thinking about bitcoin being the currency talked about in revelations and I gotta admit it's scary when I do but, it's not like it would stop being used if I stopped learning about it lol

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the Bible predicted Bitcoin...lol...but I do believe it will take two generations for crypto to go mainstream maybe even three..

It is an interesting post, in fact at some point the economy and the whole world adopt this way of doing business because it is part of evolving at the technological level, is to be part of the innovative and the traders, shareholders, among others will not stay out of that! That's my thinking:)

Gotta love posts that actually make you think! And you are spot on.

  • I don't see the 5 or 6 family dynasties who own every central bank in the world except 4 or 5 countries, giving up the power they've acquired using fiat money. I've studied these people for a few decades now. They are the evil who will create the one world government to go with the one world currency.
    • That has me questioning if they were in on starting the crypto?
      • The good news is, I've read the end of the book and WE win!!! woohoo!

Wow, I never knew about the Bible and a worldwide currency! That is interesting, very cool! :-) There's a new live stream service on Steem now, go to Vimm.TV to see it, if you ever want their Discord it's https://discord.gg/jMTTY63

You think teaching some crypto knowledge is hard? Try living the opposite. My father is very old fashioned and my brother doesn't even trust crypto. I'm the black sheep of the family putting my trust on the blockchain and all its uses. Great post btw, following you and hoping to see more content like this.