BAT - The most exciting crypto project since BITCOIN - Launched 4 days ago already $0.26 - What it is - How to buy within 30 minutes

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Hey everyone! BAT is amazing! 

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the newest project in the crypto world that you should be super HYPED  for. 

but what is this BAT token? Why is it amazing?

Three reason:

  1. Its not just another altcoin - Basic attention token has amazing hopes and dreams - with the end goal being a revolution of the advertising world. They hope to change the way advertisers are paying 99% of their money to facebook and google - as well as pay individual users back for seeing ads while browsing. This sounds like a great idea - and really could change the world. This is not another fake altcoin - this immediately has potential. 
  2. One of the biggest factors in the market.... is the market! If the market says a stock is worth something - you bet it will get to what they think it's valued at. This is generally a good thing. If everyone believes in something, the price should go up, not down. Well in this situation, the market has spoken - the initial launch for this token started..... MAY 31ST - yes 4 days ago - and they sold 1 billion coins for 25 million dollars raised in only 23 seconds. 
  3. The team. This is the most powerful crypto team every assembled. Before you think of Satoshi - he was just one man. This is a team of many... 
    1. The most exciting is the CEO - the creator of JAVASCRIPT.
    2. Majority of the members are from Mozilla Firefox
    3. Backed by Venture Capitalist. 

How did I buy this token in less than 30 minutes TODAY? When its not listed on popular exchanges?

Well it is listed - on  a small new exchange from the U.S. 

Just saying.... Bittrex was the easiest, fastest sign up to trading of any exchange - plus they have BAT and poloniex doesn't. 

Simply sign up for an account and transfer ETH into your new account - then buy BAT! There you go - you now can hodl the most promising currency in the world. 


Manipulated token, around 200 investors own 90% of the tokens. Didn't you hear about the ICO fuckup?

lol people think that since its ethereum based it must be gold, lol alot of people stay away from all altcoins and thenhear about one ICo and its like they hae never had any experience with an ICo before! LOl and they think they all have the next big coin ya i bought some batt cuz theyre chea, i had a few buck layin around, I always buy all the altcooins, and the ones that do win winthe ons that loose dont actiiay loose anymoe they just go sideways! bascialy all altclins go up! some just dnt perform well but still go up!

bat seems cool but its ALL hype hahahahah

mr trades has a lot of ego to get rid of before he can do good here on steemit lol i want him to do good tho and take my criticism as constructive, as he has chance to bring in alot of youtubers with alot of money to invest into steemit

I think BAT has a good future ahead of it!

So do I! I really think it can be $10 in a few months

here you go! make more posts like this! u totally wasted your introuction post by not introucing yourself! one video from some stream u did on youtube doesnt count! dont u wana make like $100 per post? u can man! and u will get addicted! u will make way moreoff ur youtube posts! but u ned to stay engaged! u need to post multiple times a day! u need to be on steemit more than u are on youtube, it WILL pay off u already HAVE a following!

sorry to be hard onu ma but i want u to succeed here

i know u may feel like u dont NEED steemit that u are doing find trading, welll dude, theres nothing better than getting to make money tradiing AND to make money off your posts , its like having a profitable youyube cannel that pays you thousands a wek, its rare but o steemit its a realistic goal! u just have to bbe a steemit FOOTsolddier, u have to promote steemit every chance you get on your streem!

u cant just be here half ass or like kinda on baord, we need u fully onbaord! and if ur not we will be able to ell and noone will show u any love

if u actualy showed enthusiasm for this platform as MORE than just a way to make quick dollar, (not that u did just many people do, dont be like them) then u will do WELl here

man u cando SO well here, dont u wanna be makin a good side hustle, passive income, remonetizing all ur content basicaly man! u shoudl repost alll ur youtube vodeos BUt with analysis and show lessons about what u learend from each trade session u recorded!

heres some more ideas, theres plenty of people talking about new ICOs and new altcoins, so noone ants to hear about BAT lol whenwe have already read alot about it! steemit keep us all inormed and we dont see anything special with BAT, and if u havent been into altcins, u need to in order to tell whats a good oen and whats a bad one, u cant see how BAt iss more or less a waste of time HYIp and noone will use a BAt browser LOL thats way too presumptious

but ya dont ever focus on ONE coin like that unless its either bitcoin or ethereum, and thats it! maybe siacoin for its amazing service of cloud storage on blockchain, monero PIVX and Bytecoin for anonymous ....and a few other cool projects but man u need to get behind ALOT of altcoins if ur ggonna support just ONE like Bat like this

again dont take my comments personal man! i upvoted all ur posts, I like ALL of your youtube videos i Subscibe to u on youtube i participate inevery livestream I can and i am afan i just want u to do at LEAST as well as me onsteemit, i want u to save steempower and realize how much u canamke holding just steempower from ur curationrewards ...steempower lets u wearnWAy more here man just try buying yourself $1,000 or even $100 worth of steempower! if u would have bought steem when i told u to buy it or steempowre, a week ago, at $1, u would have cdoubled yur mony now! steem is basicaly at $2 now!

I felt the same way and hopped aboard the BAT Train. However, that first blush of enthusiasm hasn't weathered the few disappointments using the Brave Browser, which I think isn't quite ready for Broadway - as they say.

The Good - the BAT concept seems enticing and Brave loads pages - like ZOOOM - and has some nifty features.

The Not So Good - the press about BAT being possibly in violation of trade statutes doesn't help the price of BAT. Also - humans generally aren't that keen on changing the way they earn their dosh - BAT would seem to challenge a number of punters in that regard, hence the pushback and slow uptake.

Annnnywaaaaayyy - I'm hopeful the super team can pull this one out of their collective... and overcome these initial teething pains and develop BAT/BRAVE into the reality of their imaginings. Good Fortune to us all.

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