A Little Reflection & Appreciation (Your Support on Steemit Helped Pay For My 1,000 Mile Move!)

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Hey :)

I just wanted to take a moment to step back and say,

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It's been little over two months since my first introduction post and so much has happened since then. This community has not only taught me so much about the world of cryptos and the blockchain but has also taught me about myself and the lengths I'm willing to go to help a community thrive. I've made so many valuable connections thanks to steemit. I can honestly say that this is my favorite website on the internet today. This growing community of people are the most intelligent, creative, driven, and inspiring group of people that I've ever seen flourish on one site. I feel so lucky to be a small part of it as it grows and begins gains popularity.

Thanks to the support of all of you since I first joined, I was able to use the SBD from my posts to fill up my gas tank three times to complete my move from California to Colorado. I don't know any other community that is able to do support eachother like that.

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Since I've been settling into my new apartment, I've been slowly starting to acquire more and more steem. I've realized that right now is the time to not only invest in myself, but to invest in this incredible platform that some of us might be taking for granted. I cannot stress how important it is to hodl steem. Just like any valuable, it progressively will become more and more valuable over time. We just have to be patient and make smart decisions. I personally cannot wait to see Steemit go to the moon.

I feel like I'm a friend of Hal Finney who just learned about bitcoin in 2010, only a year after it came out. There's so much growth, success and excitement ahead of us, I just hope that I'm not the only one who sees that!

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Glad to've at least been able to put a couple of gas in your tank. I feel pretty much the same about steemit and have nearly the same experience in regards to people met and things learned. Full Steem Ahead I always say. (meaning both 'steady as she goes' and expressing my belief that there's much steem to be had for all of us in the future)

I will keep San Diego Steemit Adjacent for you!

By the time you come back I'l have all sorts of free airbnb steemit pods and a whole pod hotel business I will run via airbnb but japanese pod hotel style with Steem/SBD bitcoin as a payment method (or just have shapeshift API in the app to let u send steem or sbd to convert to BTC to pay for the pod, because i just want pod hotels everywhere and to make them physical steemit hangouts would allow pour users to basically drop out of reality and go live in a tube and be on steemit all day with free wifi and a little lounge where we buy a couple nice chairs over time with hotel profits, i think these capsule hotels could be so nice and such low overhead if we do it right and steemit could raise the money to place these cheap capsule hotels in major cities, and it would provide cheap housing for steemit users, allowing certain minnows to simply be able to save more money, and mean capsule hotel for $10-$20 a night in a place like San Diego and then some deal for a whole month maybe using just bunk beds in rooms, and steemit users just are free to post on steemit all day paying very low rent, which they can make easily by reminding us everyday how they are living in this experimental low cost living for steemit minnows who want to try making good content or working on some stuff like ideas the community votes on etc

anyway i better stop sharing my ideas before someone from discord accuses me of talking too much again! hah

discord is fun when u and @battleaxe are there wow

u guys need a show im serious! do a live youtube stream iof the discord and post the link as a youtube link ona steemit post it will show up a as a LIVE video on the steemit post!!!

Congrads @mrslauren and I wish you the best with your move! I hope to be in Colorado visiting some peeps in November.

Everyone's so busy now with summer ending, but I always do my best to check in... Congratulations on the move and for being a relatively early Steem adopter... Not just that, but you have the talent, personality and attitude to go far here :D

Maybe my 3c upvotes made a difference after all. LOL

Wonderful lady this one.



Well done on reaching 1000 miles @mrslauren!

that's great , wish you a good trip and luck in steemit ;)

OMG I'm so jealous...I've wanted to move to Colorado for over a decade but have never found the right time to do so. Both my parents used to live within about an hour of Boulder and I always loved going out there to visit them.

Congrats on your success and moving to such a cool place :)

You rock!! So glad you joined Steemit. Good luck with your next chapter in Colorado and STEEM ON! ;)


Thank you! :)

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Thank you so much @champlin!

Hey @mrslauren! Glad I found this post before it was past the voting period. I'm looking forward to reading many more of your posts.

See you on steemspeak!