Why you should put your Reward settings on 50%SBD/50%SP even if you just want more Steem Power

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As I am new to Steemit, i spent some time researching about it and noticed something that i would like to share, that I think everyone who did already adjust it on Steemit in their account settings should consider, but especially for new users this is nice to know. This is a default setting so if you did put your rewards on 100% Power Up, think about to change it back to 50%SBD/50%SP, and this is why:

I noticed that the payouts created by upvotes on posts are paid the following:
example post on 50%SBD/50%SP upvote: 0.3$ = 0.15SBD + 0.05SP
example post on 100% SP upvote: 0.3$ = 0.1SP

Why is this important?

In your settings you can adjust your preferred way to be rewarded for upvotes, for comments and for blog posts, 50%SBD/50%SP or 100% Steem Power.
In this Screenshot you see the default settings on Steemit, so if you didn't manually set your rewards to 100% Power Up, it should be 50%SBD/50%SP anyways.

As you might noticed, Steem Power is paid out on the actual Steem price,
but Steem Dollar are paid with a rate of 1$ equivalent even though they are traded higher than 1 $.
The actual Steem Dollar price at the time of this writing is 2.25$.

So with knowing that now, let's calculate it with the example above, upvotes of 0.30$

50%SBD/50%SP reward:
0.15 SBD x 2.25$ + 0.15$ in Steem Power = 0.4875$ worth

100%SP reward:
0.30$ in Steem Power = 0.30$ worth

If you click on the pending payout balance on a post you can see the expected amounts of SBD and SP.
And you can easily convert your Steem Dollar to Steem and power up to Steem Power, and that way you end up with more Steem Power for the same amount of upvotes you got, simply by adjusting the settings right.

As long as the Steem Dollar price is above 1$, the 50/50 reward pays better, at an exact Steem Dollar price of 1$ it wouldn't matter and ONLY if the Steem Dollar falls below 1$, it would be more rewarding to set it to the 100% Steem Power reward.

If you have any further questions or feel like there should be something added or don't agree, feel invited to reply in the comments.


And you might use your hard earned SBD to buy some upvotes from boots like minnowbooster, which can give you an extra boost!

Oh thats really annoying....Thanks so much for clarifying this. I have been on steem for almost 6 months and still don't get it all.
Regards @run.vince.run

Thanks for this posting of yours. Your explanation is clear as mud. This should be the first topic that Steemit should engage and inform new users on. You did a wonderful job explaining. Great job!

Thank you for doing the math, I'll switch it back right now.

I've done this mistake the first week I've been on Steemit and I lost money.. All the beginners should see your post man! Resteemed ;-)

Thats really goos to know. Thanks!

Thank you for the reminder - I've just checked my settings.

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thc for info n now i know about this

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