You Are Lazy That Is Why You Don't Make Money On Steemit!

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Stop Being Lazy Its A Steemit Career Killer

Here I was looking to make a curation of missed quality posts that I could get a few whales to perhaps look at and off course the whale makers group and guess what I found ? Posts with single images or just a video and zero text some just had a string of icons....what is that ? my dog Charlie could at least write 10 sentences and stick a image into the text box and post it and he would certainly make some $$

Complainers Galore STOP BEING LAZY

I see allot of people complaining about not getting upvoted, not making it on steemit, steemit not being for them, well you know what ? if you are lazy steemit is not for you, get off your lazy butt and put a decent post together anyone can do it...EVEN CHARLIE, Im telling you now the #1 reason for failure in this community is laziness !

This is how to get started

If you are still reading this then here are a few quick tips to get you started its not a A-Z

  1. Jump in a cold shower and wake your lazy ass up the television, xbox, porn pictures, couch are not going to feed you and get you ahead in life.
  2. Sit down with a pen and paper and note down a few topics you can write about a few ideas are your day, your career your wife, kids, interests, hobbies, the neighbor
  3. Now choose the topic and then start jotting down some words when done read over it, then read over it again...can you improve on it ? if yes then do it.
  4. Now find some relevant pictures from your photo collection, online wherever
  5. Right now you are ready to post something meaningful and decent, now you may actually stand a chance of making some $$

On a final note being lazy is there to stay, we all have it in us but fight it best you can try post at least one decent piece once a week then twice a week and so on and be patient the money will come !

This Is Charlie

don't make me get him to write a article that puts you to shame!

Below my most recent post...I want to help you but you need to help yourself first!

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That's a good post for everybody who is indeed lazy . I create posts , maybe too random , for sure not lazy so that's not the reason why I don't cash in , like some people who deliver really great valuable content . I gained so much , even without making any Steem $$$ . I did not write at all before steemit . I do now ! That's massive success for me This platform and its community is an inspiration . Thank you ! I have NO reason to complain

Hi mammasitta thank you very much for your valuable comments I do appreciate it, actually I love it when people comment.

More than welcome ! I just don't understand the balance of
That whole system . It feels you need to be apart of the clan lol

Great post. As is is with any endeavor if you don't put in the effort you don't get anything back. That's just the way life works...

Thank you sandybeach :) I totally agree with you what you put in is what you get out!

yes you both have hit the nail on the head.

This is a good post! I know the feeling all to well. You know you're in trouble when you just can't make that decision to start creating. But like you said, getting a few topics and ideas out on paper is definitely the right step. It's all a matter of willpower. They say things that are already in motion tend to stay in motion, which is a good a reason as any to keep creating.

thank you inkha for you valuable comments :)

Can't say i'm that lazy. Putting together a long text and receiving 10cents is a motivation breaker. Makes you look away from Steemit. Some random memes have made 1000x more then my texts.

I agree it is a spirit breaker to get 10 cents for a good post but I like to look at it long term, every cent adds up I stick it in SP so it can generate more and I just keep hope that eventually I will hit it big

nice one... a little harsh but a tough talk was needed

thank you bud, yeah i was a little harsh tried to put some humour in but sometimes best just to let it out else it becomes poison inside of us

Haha, perfect picture of Charlie..

'don't make me get him to write a article that puts you to shame!'

lol I promise I wont

I love this post thank you! It made me feel good because I realised I am not lazy and I am on track to creating a steemit masterpiece hahaha! I have actually completely over posted lately and need to calm down, also I am proud to say all my content is 100% genuine! Thanks for this appreciated it :-)

lol I am happy it made you feel good @bitminter looking forward to reading your next post, thank you for your vlauable comment.