My Friend Thinks Steemit Is Only For The Rich And Famous What Do I Tell Him ?

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Hi Steemers,

Recently I was chatting to a friend of mine, trying to get him into steemit, he is an awesome story writer with a fair little following, anyways the first thing that popped out of his mouth was "oh I have heard of that scheme, its only for the rich and famous, look at the home page nobody is making anything there except them....have you made anything?"

I was silenced for a bit then I had to be honest with him, "no, on most of my posts I only make a few cents I said, except for once when I got lucky on a comment" "there you go" he said and I have heard the same from a few people, I will just keep blogging as I make way more than a few cents when I post"

I left the conversation there, and was feeling pretty dissapointed, yes I know certain people are getting preference when they post, and yes they are "well known" which is all fair and well for me, I will keep posting until I get lucky again, what concerns me though is the impression that people on the outside already have of steemit !

Coming into steemit I found this article by @barrycooper in trending and guess what ? there was the same sentiments again how interesting is that, I must say I like what @barrycooper has to say in this article and his previous posts the man has his head on straight and is saying what needs to be said, hats off to you bud.

So this all brings me back to my original question, what do I tell my friend and other friends like him ? I enjoy steemit, I enjoy writing content and I enjoy the social aspects and I would like for others to enjoy it also.

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Show him your account and go through your blog and the rewards page. Or any of the other minnow accounts with quality content and small to moderate payouts. Regular people can make some money, but really it's not about the money. It's about sharing your interests with other people on an ad-free, community-driven platform.

Thank you for your thoughts comcentrate, I do think though that allot of people have joined for the money though. for me it was to get away from FB lol

Hey, even making $0.01 on here is more than you get on FB, where you are the product rather than the producer. If your friend makes more by blogging, more power to him. But honestly if he can make money blogging elsewhere then I think he'll do great on Steem.

My suggestion:

Don't tell them anything.

Stay quiet for the next few weeks/months. Put your head down. Get to work. Start building your own following. Show that you've had some success.

THEN you can explain to him the value.

Until then. Get to work. :)

I like that, show by example.

Excuses of lazy people :) my friend do not believe that you can make money here. I told her once i receive my card i ll take her with me so she can see lol

lol good one @thebluepanda

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