Converted My Living Room For Steemit On boarding- Mini Fund Raiser - Whales Support Please

in #steemit7 years ago (edited)

I think steemit is awesome, so I have converted my living room into a mini seminar room to explain steemit to folk and get them on board, all this has cost me though and there is still a few things I would like to get like a projector that I can interface with my laptop, I will also be teaching on crypto currencies, this will all help folk around here not only to earn but to learn about the future of money.

Please help support this little fund raiser with your vote, if you know a whale please send them swimming this way.


Im not a whale unfortunately, but upvoted! :)

Thank you for your support future every vote counts bud

Great Idea just what we need more people doing :) Just wish it was a bit more easier to explain Cryptocurrencies to people that have no clue what it is hahah

lol it will be fun but I am getting prepared

Very nice, well done

Thank you

I only can support you because I'm not a whale, so keep it up you will succeed!

thank you the-future :)

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