You know his Name!! My Review of the New Jason Bourne Flick

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We took a giant Leap back with this one!

Ok action lovers, the new Jason Bourne movie is out in theaters, how I endured it and how it could have been better.

Lets just start out by Saying how happy I was to see Matt Damon " Jason Bourne" back on the giant screen.
Although his dialogue was minimal he said a lot with his facial expressions. Either way you can't go wrong with Matt Damon in any movie.

Julia Stiles is back and portrays a more hard ass role as Nicky Parsons. She can now pull a gun faster than Jason Bourne in the first "Bourne movie" scene with the cops on the park bench.

Alicia Vikander is a new face to the series, she plays CIA agent "Heather Lee" with undeterred ambition to move up the ladder, but she's no Pamela Landy.

Mr. Tommy Lee Jones joins this feature film as " CIA Director Robert Dewey" An old school Director with limited vision.

Vincent Cassel "The Asset" To me one of the best roles in the movie! A man on a mission to kill his nemesis Jason Bourne at all costs, without a care for who or what gets in his way!

The Review

To any newcomers of the Bourne series please watch them in order, if you watch this one first you may never watch another Bourne movie again. Why do I say that, am I being to critical, maybe.

I came into this movie with tons of expectation, and sometimes that's the worst for any movie. I found it slow to start and was not sure where it was heading. There were some scenes that seemed to almost be filler, I felt like wait, this can't be the new Bourne film, I must be in the wrong...... you get the idea.

But I had to give it a chance, after all I have been waiting 4 years for this movie!

This is the first movie in a long time which I have felt that the 2nd and 3rd string actors did a much better job of acting than the stars of the movie. Their roles were clearly defined and they made sense. The movie jumped around and would be quite hard to follow for any new Bourne viewer. I don't like this style of editing with flashbacks etc., if you are not able to figure out a movie without flashbacks it has not been written well enough. I find in general I do not like movies with flashbacks, as figuring out what's going on in the movie is part of the whole experience! The plot should come together through the dialogue of the cast in revealing all the answers to the viewer. I guess that's where Matt Damon could have spoken a little bit more, but maybe he was being paid per word, or maybe he just had limited time in his hectic schedule to give this movie what it truly deserves, a leading Star with dialogue.

I also disliked having to read what the cast were seeing on computer screens, this is best left to the imagination of the audience, and the talent of the actors to portray what they are reading. I felt like I was watching a cheesy Matlock or Columbo t.v show.

Ok my last dislike where the action scenes which are usually the best part of any Bourne film. I found them to be unbelievable, think cars flying through the air when they shouldn't be! I've seen worse action scenes but I really did not expect this in a Bourne film. And the fighting scenes were almost non existent, that was a shame!

My surprise

Overall in general, I still enjoyed the movie. I'm not sure if that's because I am a Die Hard ( no pun intended ) Bourne fanatic. Or, maybe it's because I want the series to go on forever and ever. People have said that this could be the next Bond series? Although there is a hint of mystery towards the end of the movie that this may come to fruition, I think it is a ways away if ever.

If I were to rate this movie overall as a stand alone on it's own merit, it would have to be 5 Stars out of 10.
Being part of the series I will rate it a 6 out of 10.

Acting 5 out of 10
Suspense 7 out of 10
Action 3 out of 10
Drama 6 out of 10

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