The Steem Tree A Fairytale of Sorts

in #steemit8 years ago (edited)

Well sweetie you put the seed in the ground and it grows!

Why does it grow mommy?

Because you put a seed in the ground.
Really mommy, nothing else?

Well of course there's something else but we don't talk about that.
What is it????

I can't tell you it confuses people, you just put a seed in the ground and it grows, then it drops seeds on the ground and they grow to.

Mommy your scaring me!!

I don't wanna put a seed in the ground and have it die!!

Don't worry sweetie, I'll make magic for your seed

How Mommy?

I Can't tell you Sweetie, it's a secret

Mommy your Fucking scaring me!!

I planted so many seed's
Tell me what it is, tell me!!

Ok Sweetie, as long as mommy pours a steady stream of Fiat water on your
seed it will grow just fine. But pinky promise me you won't say anything to anyone!

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