Possible Glitch on Steemit ???

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Last week I noticed something weird when I upvoted a popular article, so I decided to try it again and see if it would happen once more. Is this a glitch? Are we giving away more Steem than we should be? Can curators with lots of Steem Power use this to their advantage? These are the questions I have had bouncing around in my head and it's driving me batty!

Below are two recent screen shot's from a few minutes ago. I chose a top trending article that was pretty much done being upvoted. I took a screen shot just before and one just after I upvoted. Take a look at how much money my upvote gave him and I was not even at 100%.

My upvote was worth over $5, but the problem is, I am only supposed to be able to give 1 cent according to an article I read the other day. I only hold $300 in Steam Power!

So if this is not a glitch than I think some curators might be able to use this to their advantage if they are large holders of Steem Power. When posting there is a little box that says Upvote Post, most curators click on it before submitting their post. But what if they knew they would have a rock solid post and get hundreds of upvotes. They could wait until just before the 12 hour window and then upvote their own post!

This one vote could be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars!! Lets remember I only have $300 in Steem Power, and some curators have $50,000 Steem Power and growing.

Is this something @dan and @ned need to look at or is this normal??

If this is normal then some curators might be able to play with this and see if they can obtain more Steem for their posts.


Basically there is a kind of 'super-linear' compounding effect when it comes to steem power and calculating rewards. For example, when I upvote you it gives you about $0.15, because this post currently only has $0.01. If I upvote a post that has $1000, I might add $10, or something. Basically the more rewards you have, the more new votes will increase your rewards. Not sure exactly what the reason was for that design choice, but it is what it is.

Ok so you have noticed it as well. Very interesting, thanks for commenting. And thanks for the upvote;)

I think sometimes the votes have a delay. There might of been a whale that upvoted at the same time.

I waited and refreshed for a few minutes nothing like that, and thank you for your thoughts

My vote is worth from 0.00 to $70.00 , amazing yes

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