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I know this is a long video but this one video means so much to me ....

Back 2 years ago I was a fitness freek spent my time training cardio and weight lifting if I wasn't in the gym I was out walking or in the kitchen eating or cooking ....and if I want doing something related to the gym then I was learning about it ... speaking about it
It was my life

I got pretty good and was on my way into training to step up on stage for the very first time this was after about 3 years of solid religious training 6 days a week ...
A was now in pretty good condition very lean and packing on some good size
So I reached out and got what I thought was the best help I could get for my money and invested in a nutrition plan set meals weights and measures so I knew exactly what to eat when to eat it


It was going extremely well at this point body fat was dropping I was shredded muscle and skin ....

image image image image

It was at this point that it then all took a turn for the worst!!

I began to get very sore legs when I hadn't even trained them for a few days so I just put it down to being over worked ...
the next day my legs seemed to have gotten worse and me being a stubborn ass man I brushed it off and wouldn't go get it seen to.
At this point that evening I couldn't left myself off the sofa without using um upper body to push myself up again very stubborn I said to family I would sleep on this and see how I was the next morning .

Next morning came and I found it extremely hard to walk down the stairs that morning the whole day I tried to convince family members I was fine and it was no worse than the previous day but in fact it was Alot worse at this point I now had to use my body weight to sling myself faward off the sofa as my upper body was now painfull and sore also ....

That evening I swore the next day I would go get seen to ......

Then that night I physically couldn't climb the stairs so I slept on the sofa with my partner at the time .... 1am came and nature called I needed to get up but I physically could not ....
I rolled over to get up and slumped on the floor and could not get myself back up ... now reality had hit and I was scared in a fit of panic with tears running down my face I yelled for help to wake my partner and what felt like an eternity I was lumped there as she a very pettit young lady tried to pick up my limp 15stone frame ....

She managed to get me to my feet where I then managed to lock legged waddle to the bathroom where I remember dropping my shorts and then waking up on the floor ....

I had passed out banging my head on the bath and then coming to on the floor with my parents (who live next door) and partner over me screeming....
Withing minutes of coming too there was first response unit rushing round me getting me into the back of a van (((( just mention at this point it took 3 grown men to pick me up ))))) so I'm amazed how my partner managed it adrenaline must of played a huge part !!!!!

Anyway I was rushed in where they then fed me straight up to multiple ivs..... no sooner than the last needle entered a vein .....

I remember feeling extremely light headed very very cold even my face felt cold and remember my head dropping back and seeing the bright light on the ceiling of the room and the flat line noise of the heart monitor... the long BEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

Moments later I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by nurses doctors all members of staff and one nurse holding the electric shock pads you see on TV....

I had died and been revived

But guys I can say this is the worst part as from here on in I received the best help I could imagine and gradually get stronger and better Within moments
It took 6 days in total of intensive care and 6 iv bags of fluids it was all down to the electrolytes in morning blood being low .... so basically starved of vital nutrition.

image image

But this video I share with you I listened to everyday wile laying there in that hospital bed and I swear it's what got me through I'd lay there very emotional crying in frustration as I still couldn't walk !! I'd put this on and scoot myself to the end of the bed and try and walk I would fall flat on my face but I'd get back up ... then I used a need by chair as a goal if I could get there is was a happy man ....I remember the first time I done it it was only 6 full steps but I got there is collapsed on the chair and just cried in happiness knowing I was on the way to recovery ....

Soon I managed to walk to the toilet myself and even stand for a shower now I knew I was doing it !!! All this time this video would be playing in my earphones keeping me pushing faward .....

Today I have made a full recovery I do not attend the gym anymore though I just focus on more important things in my life now like my amazing family partner and my new two little nieces which I very nearly never met .... I'm so great full own for the little things in life that I never take anything for granted ...

In a way I thank that it happend to me because it grounded me got my head out of the clouds and now I live a much happier life with my great family

There's my story guys I hope that there is some help in there for you

And if not we'll it just helped me for offloading that and I'm just great full for you taking the time to read

Thank you very much

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Wow man amazing story... You have been through some hard stuff...good that everything ended well.

Thank you my friend !

Its ended up better than it began... im now positive and more focused on better things in life

I thank you for your message

If you could resteem this for me please ti help spread the word i would appreciate it

Already resteemed my friend :)

you have a great story thanks a lot for sharing it and keep on posting ;)

Thank you very much my friend i sure will

If you could please help me be sharing this post it would mean alot

Thank you

Have a great day

Thank you very much

I know that video is a long one but there are some great parts

Take a listen

Thank you everyone for the kind words

Much appreciated

Have a beautiful day