My new car !!! **HARD WORK PAYS OFF** whats your dream car ?

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Recently I set myself a goal of working and saving in order to fund the buy of one of my dream cars .....I new it wouldn't be easy but I was willing to put in the work and curb my spending habits in order to be able to set the money aside

It may not be anything special next to others cars but it's what I've always wanted .....

I've been busting my ass working hours and hours of over time to get this car

And I am relieved to say all the hard work has payed off I am over the moon with this beast

I also managed to save a little more and upgrade the wheels (22 inch ) .... tint the windows.... and vinyl wrap the roof

It's a 3.6 td v8 range rover vogue

Number plate has been blocked for privacy

What do you all think of it ???
I personally love the car and I am glad I worked my ass off to get it

What's your goals ..... what are your dream cars ???

Leave a comment let's discuss

Thanks guys

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as long as you feel happy with what you have, that is the most important thing....dream cars well an old school ford mustang is on my list someday...

I am happy with it for sure ...
Yes what a beautiful car the old school fords have a lot of style and definitely have that wow factor

i want to be rich enough with which i can give all those stuff to my family that they deserves.... my dream car is mushtang gt

Thats a wonderful thing to want to do
And it would be amazing to some day to be able to do that

Such a great heart keep up the good work im sure you will soon be able to !!

And yes i agree the old classic fords are something of real beauty

congrats man :) I'm happy to see another fellow hustler make it, I'm on my way too, my first car will be a mercedes A250, I've always wanted one

Ahhh thanks i appreciate it
Another nice car will be an amazing achievement for a first car !!

Keep up the hard work my friend

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