Exciting 10 information about the Human Body

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Many strange human body. It is astonishing to know that there is a lot of things from foot to toe. There are many shocking information about human body which is unknown to us. Our today's report remains unbeknownst to 10 amazing information-


  1. People are taller than the night and are taller in the morning.

  2. The petal of our eyes is only 150 days.

  3. The size of the hair in the eye of the eye of the eye is about 500.

  4. The average amount of average nerve in a human body is approximately one billion.

  5. People can never sneeze by keeping their eyes open.

  6. Bones in a human body are much stronger than concrete.

  7. People's skulls are made up of 26 different bones.

  8. A normal person has left the six-month urine.

  9. It takes only 7 seconds to eat from the mouth of the person in the stomach.

  10. The speed of the air that comes out of the nose during sneezing is 100 km.
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