5 Tips To Become Successful on Steemit and Earn Thousands of Dollars!

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5 Tips To Become Successful on Steemit and Earn Thousands of Dollars!

Want to learn 5 steps to help you become more successful getting paid to blog on Steemit?! Watch the video and check out my notes below :)

  1. Invest in the cryptocurrency and invest in the Steemit platform itself.

My account value is now at 3.7k, when I started a month earlier I invested at 2.6K. I also suggest that you buy the Steemit cryptocurrency and put it to your wallet and power it up because it allows you so much more influence in the website. You can use thatr influence on this website to produce more currency, more money for yourself and for the other people in the cummunity.

  1. Create really good content.

Create really good content. But also create a lot of things because you won’t know what’s going to be really good until you get out there and do it! Keep trying until you get the results that you want. Put some really good time, energy and effort into it.

  1. Get the attention of the “whales”

A whale on Steemit is somebody who has a lot of influence. You get their attention by making a really good post, and having a lot of right people steem and reSteemit! Get the whales on your side.

  1. Build a big following of raging fans

You wanna built a following of people that are actually engaged with you and create really good content for them. If you wanna start trending and earning hundreds of dollars you need to build that following, you follow people like the whales and the people that are engaged to you and the people that you enjoy their content. And then get in the comments and comment to these people and comment to your post. Be engaging!

  1. Post as consistently as possible.

The more consistent you are the more that you gonna get the people to follow you and look forward to hearing from you whether it’s videos, blogs or pictures. Be as consistent as possible.

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