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Posts List

  1. Post views counter
    Exactly what Posts List page supposed to have.
    Thankfully it is coming sooner or later.

  2. Remove Reward Dollar/Upvote/Flag/Resteem from Posts List

    • Reward Steem Dollar Amount is not exactly how much the author receives anyway. Its break down details can be shown in the popup box. Don't let users' mind full of posting reward dollar. My posting reward, someone else's posting reward, it's fair, it's unfair...
    • Don't let users press Upvote/Flag/Resteem buttons without reading. These should only be at the end of the full content.
    • By removing them the Posts list view can be more simple, users can focus more on view count and number of comments These two are the main focus area when it comes to interactive social network system
  3. Comment button should load comments only

    • Sometimes it's slow.
      • server could be slow
      • User internet connection could be slow
      • The content might have HD images in it
    • When someone comments on your post, you want to check what's new in there quickly
    • It should not load the original post.
    • Open up Lightbox modal and load comments only. Faster and better.
  4. Favourite posts
    Beside re-steem, I would like to collect worthy posts for later reading. Star icon and a number of favs would be nice.

  5. Real time views counter, comments counter update
    Just like the notification bubble, each post's views count and comments count should update real time without having to refresh browser.


  1. We need following search options

    • Search keyword input field(of course)
    • Search by keyword within specific tags
    • Search by keyword within specific accounts
    • Sort order by Date or Relevance
  2. When I click the Search icon, it loads full search page just for the search UI.
    When search magnifier button is pressed, Search Options should show up immediately without network usage.

Fancy Upvote Effect
Try sample number 10.

It uses mo.js
mo.js is 31kb after minified & gzipped. 127kb minified. I think it's quite heavy. I am going to write similar but customised effect without mo.js just by raw JavaScript and CSS.

Gamification is good. We need more of it when we upvote.
Here we have Steem Power divisions

MVESTLevelUpvote Effect
0.01NewbiesA little more dynamic
0.1UsersA bit fancier than Newbies
1SuperusersA bit fancier than Users
10HeroesFancy Effect
100SuperheroesMore Fancy Effect
1000LegendsMaximum Fancy Effect

Users in 'Dust' division should see minimal effect when upvoting a post.
Newbies should see little bit more dynamic effect, to give them feeling of 'Level-Up'.
Superheros or Legend should have the most fancy effect when they upvote. But if they vote by x% power, it should be calculated by the percentage*VotingPower

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Nice suggestions. I suggest grouping them in atomic tasks and create issues on github, that way developers will be able to monitor them faster.


Thanks. I will do it

You also need to be able to turn the upvote effects off in the settings. Because stuff like that is cool, but some people prefer not to have things like that.


Yes...@xanoxt. It is nice when the user can choose to opt out. Keep it simple.....please.

Cool post!

Thought I must say I love Reward Dollar/Upvote/Flag/Resteem in Posts List. I think they're helpful information to help people make some quick interpretation about all the post listed in the different post's list: feed/hot/trending, etc. But that's just my personal take on this.


Upvote count/Flag count/Resteem count will be good in Posts List. Upvote button/Flag button/Resteem button is not.
Displaying Reward Dollar in Posts List is subjective, I insist let's remove..

Thanks for the suggestions. "Fancy Upvote Effect" is trash though. Really ugly effect. The spin wheel is classic, simple , elegant, and nice.


I will demonstrate in couple of days. If well customised, it will be good.

I agree I like your suggestions. I think they sound like they would be great improvements as well.

Don't let users press Upvote/Flag/Resteem buttons without reading. These should only be at the end of the full content.