Today’s Steemit meet-up in Norway

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It's not important where you come from, your religious beliefs and your colour, Steemit is the place where we can share and exchange our ideas and knowledges.

I attended today’s afternoon Steemit Meet-up in Norway, that has been organised by OneBitNews Your Steem Magazine The meeting started and concluded in a positive atmosphere with lots of benefits.

The meeting was very interesting, along with refreshments, coffee/snacks and very good food, we also played lottery that wins you a prize and good gifts.


A valuable and worthy lectures was given by @Gyldenhorn, @Ramta and @Erlendgroseth, that has been discussed how steemit would be do a lot of successful and winning too, how people can hear about Steemit and get more people to join, how can we make STEEM to be more fluid and useable.
To achieve this, it was mentioned to by stocks there are some examples of buying and selling stocks using Steem currency that already been started with OneBitNews


We also talked about how to follow the law on the right track on how to pay taxes with a crypto-currency that we have, we also discussed on how important is to think about security.

My Conclusion

Can not summarise all of our meetings this afternoon in one paragraph, but it has been very beneficial and goals of the meeting have achieved, and we have come to the conclusion that we need to arrange meetings like todays one so we can talk about what we have achieved and what do we need to improve.


Hei @Momar
Var veldig hyggelig å bli kjent med deg.
Gleder meg allerede til neste meet-up hvor vi forhåpentligvis blir ett par nye ansikter også :)


Hei @Gyldenhorn det var veldig hyggelig å møte deg.... Og jeg gleder meg til vårt neste møte med nye ansikter

hei :) er det planlagt et nytt møte? Dette kunne muligens vært noe for meg - jeg bor bare på andre siden av fjorden :)

For en fin gjeng. Jeg skulle gjerne ha vært med, hadde jeg bodd litt nærmere.

Hei Susanne! Vi har snakket om dere som ikke bor nærmere, men det blir meet-up i andre steder for eksempel Bergen

Hello @momar ... have been following @onebitnews for a while now and
it´s good to see the faces behind each user´s name. Thank you for sharing your experience at the meet.up. I hope I could also attend such gatherings and would glad to hear the views of others personally.

Hello @mers. It was very exciting meeting, and I hope you could join our future meetings... Thanks

I was looking forward to the seventeenth OBN issue in order to know how the meet up went and I found this post! Many thanks @momar

Thank you for letting us know how it went,I bet everyone that was their had a gret time!

You Welcome @tbnfl4sub, it was really fun

I see meetings like yours as very important for participants.
You say you cannot summarize in one paragraph, but you maybe kindly could share with us some of discussed points and thoughts.

Hei! Er det noen fra Stavanger som kommer for meet-up? Jeg skulle gjerne vært med jeg, jeg er er ny begynner trenger å lære massseeee om steemit. Jeg trenger mer informasjon om norges steemit community.

Hei @abozid, jeg vet ikke om det for tiden... Men du kan følge @onebitnews for mer informasjon

Ok, takk skal du ha!

Your every post is brilliant and I follow u thanks for sharing

Så kult at dere tar intiativ! Skulle gjerne vært der, men det er jo litt vanskelig når man for tiden oppholder seg i Asia. Kanskje neste gang!

Det blir mer @emrivels, takk for det

Gathering will make the brotherhood stronger @momar... nic to know this...

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