Confused !!! I'm Confused...

in steemit •  2 years ago

I'm confused!!!

I'm confused.

Someone told me if you become confused do not think too much and try to arrange your thoughts and be more accurate. When I was thinking about a project where I spent a great deal of time developing this project in my imagination, but I was fixed in my place. I do not move. Every project I think about is the result that I see my project being realized by Others and not me, because I think I did not implement. I write points and ideas and analyze the results and I sit on my seat in front of my computer, inside my room, do not move a finger.

But after all this, I was tempted to begin the first steps in building my grand project. Massive manpower meets in one place to unify ideas, become a tremendous momentum to earn profits.

Challenge Group, Million Millionaire Group.

Who will be the first One!

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