Why You Should Put STEEM On The Bench!

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Believe me when I tell you that you should put STEEM on the bench. It would be beneficial for you now and in the future. When I am Saying on the bench, I mean exactly the team sportive meaning. But which player in a team sport likes to sit on the bench watching their competitors playing all the time?
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No one, and when you say yes, there is something wrong. But I tell you that you should put STEEM and maybe yourself on the bench. And I tell you it will be beneficial for you. I will explain you why.

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You probably read a lot that STEEM is a longterm game. When I am talking about STEEM I mean the Blockchain and also applications accessing this Blockchain like Steemit, Dtube, and Dlive for example.

So maybe you agree that STEEM is a longterm game, but that doesn't mean because you affirm that with your head but it's a different thing to act like that. Saying, believing STEEM is a longterm game and living like that are two different pairs of shoes.
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You have to shift your mind into this alignment. And as often things are easier said than done. Here comes in why I said you should put STEEM and yourself on the bench. No better to say you have to put yourself on the Bench and STEEM is acting on the field.

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Athletes who are sitting on the bench are forced to play the longterm game. Attention! That doesn't mean that they are passive. The opposite is the case. Those players have to work more than the players on the field. They want to increase the probability to get in and show what they can. They are waiting that the coach says: It's your turn. And when this moment happens, they need to be ready.

But till that moment a long time can be in between. The athlete never knows when the moment will be, but he believes that the moment will come one day and he works for that. When the chance comes, and he takes it can lift him into new dimensions.
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Those athletes know exactly what it means to play the longterm game. Not necessarily because​ they want, more because​e they have to learn it to make the best of it for their own sake.

What I want to say is that every one of us should learn and evolve this mindset. That counts also for other areas of our lives. STEEM is still young still in beta, and it's doing well, but not there where we all want to see it regarding functionality and price. But playing short-sighted will not bring you far.

Imagine an athlete would say to himself: I work now for one month. I give the coach one month to put me in. In that time I will put everything I have into the training showing that I deserve a chance. When he doesn't give me that chance than I don't care anymore.
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Imagine this athlete stops after one month. The following month he is coming late to the sessions he is showing that he's pissed, in the sessions, he is just giving 30 percent a real I don't care attitude.

At the end of this month the coach brings him in, and he failed like someone who has no talent. Someone who can't make a simple pass. He was so strong with his mouth. Now the coach takes someone else, someone who had the longterm view and he is succeeding. Who is the poor one now?

Being short-sighted​ will not bring you far on this blockchain and in other areas of your life.

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Are you just focused on the rewards?
Do you want to maximize everything in the shortest amount of time?
Are you always complaining about that and this?

If you answer these questions with yes, I would say you are short-sighted.

Playing longterm means that you will probably walk through the desert.
It's dry you don't have much to drink the sun is burning you, the whole journey hurts. But in your heart, a vision is beating, and you are working towards that vision.
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Yes, you don't have everything in your hand, but for the case, that STEEM is performing on a level which is not compared to now, you are ready to go on the field and shine. All you worked for is showing right now.

How could that look?.png

You've accumulated as much as SP during that time?
You build your name in the Steemit Ocean. People know you for a specific topic.
You've built essential relationships over time with different people.
Maybe you started yourself a project built on STEEM?

Just a few examples.

Playing the longterm game can hurt my friend.
Going towards an uncertain future can be hurtful.
In the end, you could be empty-handed. But on the other site, you could shine like a star.

Seeing yourself on the bench could help you to implement the longterm mindest.

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You are right, but most people can't afford to sit on the bench. Just imagine that you had to sit on the bench for a whole season. I guess, you would leave Red Bull and go somewhere else, where you are seen - somwhere with more potential.
It's relatively easy to be benched when you can afford it, but hard, when you need the money.
I also see a huge potential in Steem for the future, but in a fast paced market like this, you have to take your chances wherever possible - especially when yyour budget is limited.


Great comment :) I agree with you. When you need the money and your budget is limited its a different scenario. I wouldn't ignore the whole development but indeed I​ would look for other possibilities. Have in mind that even when you are small right now, and i leave it to you how you define small. But tommorrow it could be much more worth. Everyone here right now is an early adopter and the growth potential is massive. But you're right when your budget is limited or when you depend on the money its different.

Thanks for this great comment.

The rise and fall of a child is not a sign of weakness but a preparation to help the child to have strong bones for running in the nearest future

The above is what i see on the steem platform, the platform is solidifying and gaining strength. With time the price of steem will no longer depend on the rise and fall of bitcoin.

Although many of my posts of recent don't get up to a dollar, I still try not to be discouraged in posting whenever am chanced because am building up my steem power gradually.

Little drops of water can form an ocean if only consistency is applied


AWESOME your attitude! The last sentence is amazing. I am sure that you will make it one day.

I try not to think about what I earn on Steemit in terms of real money. As a minnow with only 100 SP I only care about improving my Steem Power right now.

And the beauty of it is that the more Steem Power you have, the more Steem Power you earn.

I only consider cashing out a little bit once I know that I made it here. That for me would be when I reach about 5000 SP or more. I know, that might not seem a lot for most, but it definitely is for me.


My friend its definitely a lot. Let no one tell you this is small. And you will surely​ make it I can feel that you are focused to reach that goal. Kepp on Steeming.

Steem is definitely out on the Bench for me. It’s just a waiting game now and during that time I intend to grow my Steem because I know it will become more valuable


Great attitude. It will be that way^^I also believe that.

I totally play the longterm game on Steem. But if I would be a Football player on the bench I would totally quit after a month and never look back.


I am glad that I never faced that situation but I couldn't quit easily​ :D

Yes brother I do agree to that and by the points that you have taken out that there is no doubt that steem will be a very good one in the coming days and it might take time but it sure will be worth it .

We do need patience and it sure will be of great use to us as well.

Steem hodlers will sure be beneficial in the long run and think ahead investors.


Glad that you see it that way. :) I hope we will all shine.

Extremely well said. I'll be following you :)


Thanks for that :)

Amazing Post again my friend...

But i still be active inside and around STEEM/IT

Also ich setze weder mich noch STEEM auf die Bank ;) hehe ja es ist ein LONG TERM investment. Aber genau deswegen bin und bleibe ich Aktiv, ich gaine durch meine Aktivitäten.

Eine Davon ist es Dich endlich in unsere kleine Community @helpie zu bekommen einen unserer Member MENO kennst Du ja mittlerweile auch schon, wenn du mich auf Discord addest "bembelmaniac#1209" kann ich Dir auch weiteres dazu erzählen. und Du wirst vllt sehen warum AKTIV sein besser ist als auf die Bank geschoben zu werden ;)


Haha :D
Ich muss dich da mal hinzufügen. Ich muss gestehen ich nutze Discord eher selten, aber ich muss es endlich mal machen^^


Viel Community für wenig Software ;) smile

steem is a great platform,,but i don't understand why people doesn't improve it...


Indeed it is. I think that right now the focus is on the technical​ aspect before improving the community.

I am completely agree with you and very helpful information about it.
@modernpaster can you predict about SBD coin. It can bounce back to its ATH value.


No one can really predict it, but SBD is meant to be around 1$. I would look more at STEEM.

learn something new from your post

I did that a while back. For me it's all long term, no looking for quick rewards. I believe in the long term potential of steem, and it will happen


Great attitude and faith my friend.
I believe many people with that attitude will be great winners one day :)
And you will be on of them.

Good job sir

You said it all my brother. Most people come to steemit to make money fast but will be disappointed when they come into the blockchain. To succeed you need dedication ,constancy more over don't look to the rewards that you get for the moment.

But most time that is not achieved due to our mindset of coming into steemit.

Thanks for sharing this piece my brother it really helped.


I am glad that this helped :)
Always enjoying your comments^^

I like your publications because they have a very peculiar way of transmitting the message. The way you compare things to give the essence of the subject ... In this case the illustration has been very good. I have felt identified. It is a great advice. I have promised to publish even once a day. But unfortunate for situations beyond my control I could not and I felt bad about myself. I have thought about how I intend to make myself known if I have not achieved at least one publication a day, every day ?. And at other times I find it difficult to choose a topic to publish. My husband says that I should specialize in a subject, for example He publishes 100% Christian messages and I find it difficult to always publish the same topic and that cuts me a little. The truth is that I must get the time to achieve at least one publication a day. and gradually increase. Especially in the case that steemit is part of our family budget. and also as you say, we must see beyond our noses and not be short of sight. excellent advice brother!

@modernpastor yes you explained it very correctly. Steem is one of the best coin to keep on bench. thank you so much for making people more aware about STEEM.


You're welcome, ​my friend :) Glad that you like it.

I seem not to understand the crypto trend
As every post i come across seems to confuse me. At a point they will be steem promotion at another they will be demotion. What's really the fate of steem for the future??


Be focused and consistent and you will see the benefit in the nearest future. Yea i have benefitted from the platform already but patience is a necessary tool to see the future.


Yea that's immediate benefit
I was actually referring to what steem will turn out to be in the future. Is it going to rise? Or fall that's where my confusion comes in


Well from your reputation it shows you just came in not too long a time and you came in when the price of cryptocurrency is generally low.

Do not lose faith, get the basics you need to help you grow on the platform.

  • Build more relationship through comments
  • Ask questions when you don't understand a thing
  • Join communities on discord and whatsapp
  • Set up your ginabot to follow up the people you admire their writing
  • Focus on one area of writing
  • Join contests on the platform

With the above, you will grow


@inspiredgideon1 great comment my friend :)


Thank you sir.


No one knows it, my friend. It would be helpful to dive deeper into the cryptosystem.


Alright thanks
That means no one can predict as well
Even though ones prediction comes right it dossent mean the individual knows.
So everybody posting the hope of steem in the nearest future should spare me that

We just have to sit on the bench and have a lot of patience. We just have to trust that Steem will stay a long, long time. Thank you @modernpastor! I am sorry I accidentally clicked on downvote earlier but I changed it again to upvote, sorry again.

People look a lot in the reward they get in this blockchain ,which is steem or sbd .But they don't see other rewards that is hidden .you get any kind of knowledge you need in this life in this blockchain without paying a penny .is it engineering ,sports,history ,farming name them but most people don't see that just that money aspect they are interested in and that is why you will see a lot of people complaining about the prize of steem.

I appreciate this advice and it will go along way in teaching people the hidden futures of this blockchain .

Stay blessed.