Pointless bidding ???

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So I'm gonna make this pretty brief. It's come to my attention that Steemit has been infiltrated with bidding bots and seems like the only real way to get your post seen by the community.

I find this quite upsetting to be honest with you as this isn't what i signed up for when I first created my Steemit profile. It's meant to be a genuine platform filled with "real" people wanting to share, connect and express there passions, talents & knowledge.

Yet now it feels as tho it's going exactly in the same direction as all the other social media platforms where your having to use a manipulating service, just so you can equally manipulate other people in to thinking your post has any sort of credibility (through its upvotes and comments.)

This is not showcasing any genuine truth behind a post when the majority of the upvotes and comments has come from bidding bots.

I do not see the benefits in following this trend like so many others seem to do and will unfortunately have to stop uploading posts untill I see that the majority of these "bots" have been eradicated or at least reduced massively.

Also, I'm on 56 rating which to me isn't too bad and should show the community that it's worth value and therefore my posts should equally recieve some true attention and respect. Yet, when I share it via discord and Steemit chat, what happens? Pretty much nothing and I tag it with the right words and write the the right amount of words for it order to be considered a post worth of recieving a good amount of upvotes and comments, but will it? I highly doubt it and this is my point about bidding bots, it's changing what I feel this platform was originally about. A true community. But now I almost feel like a stranger to this platform.

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I feel your pain here my friend, unsure what to think about these bid bots and how they are starting to just consume the trending pages and screw with highlighting true quality content. I hope to see many good changes here in the near future. Things are still just in early phases, I hope they go for the better and not the worse. huge love to you and your rant

Yeah it's really getting annoying to be honest with you, I didn't sign up just so I have to pay to get my post seen only to then recieve the same or less with the bids. Thank you for you love for my rant tho !!! Hurry up and get back in England, dying to get some meaty tracks down!

I know it's frustrating to see bidbots. But one must understand three things. 1. Steemit is just a front end. 2. Front ends can block bidbot posts 3. Bidbot users rep can be modified via front end.
My points here are, we are in early days. It's better to stick with it and keep posting. Whales they do upvote some great content here. I've not used bidbots. But i don't have any issue with them other than one key thing. People think they earn profit ROI but they don't the majority % of the time for majority % of people. Steem is a good thing to collect. I believe it will be extremely valuable and hard to get in the same amounts as now, in the future. You have some fantastic work it does just take time and networking to get that seen by whales.

I totally understand, and should definitely comment more. But I hope you stick around. Listening to you right now through discord on the mspwaves show with Isaria and Shane. You're getting lots of love over there right now, and last week too.

Much love, please keep on keeping on. People are listening even if you don't know it. I assure you.

I guess I just don't see behind the scenes of it all kind of thing. To be fair it's been difficult with the recent relationship I've been in. Thankfully my chains have been broken and I can now continue along the path that is so destined for me. Send a shout out please to anyone you know who has appreciated my music or posts, exciting prospects awaits....much love X