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BIG GREETING I decided to write you today because I wanted to share an incredible experience that happens these days. MY 22 BIRTHDAY, Yes, last # Sunday July 1.
I want to tell you that this birthday was different, I received it with my father and my little brother and two little sisters in Valencia, Edo. Carabobo in Venezuela. It really was a very nice experience because I woke up with them ... they made me a surprise!!!!, a beautiful birthday card and a cake.

Then, together with my father's family, they sang birthday to me and it was a very nice moment


Here, I´m with my brother he ´s Arevalo Alejandro, my favorite Super Hero. My brother and sisters don't know how much I love them and what I would do for them . Their witticisms are great!

Later ... my dad took me home to share with my maternal family. And : Surprise!!! they also welcomed me with a delicious cake prepared by my aunt.

I also want to share with you that despite the hard times we are experiencing in my country, hope and faith continue to guide us. For all those people who take a few minutes of their valuable time to read the experiences of this young woman I want to tell you that**** EVERYTHING HAPPENS ...**** With effort, time and faith everything happens, improves and evolves. I am very grateful to God, the Virgin for the life that I have and to continue forming us as people and professionals that from the hard times come out the best things.
Yours, María José ..

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