Top Five Ways To Make Money On STEEMIT

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friends as you know that you can earn money from steemit. This guide is going to take you through the five different ways that you can make some serious money on Steemit.


One very straightforward way of making money on Steemit is to blog. If you can write interesting and insightful blog posts, you can quickly build a following on the platform. The bigger your following, the bigger your rewards will be on the platform.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like writing articles, don’t worry, there’s an even EASIER way you can make money on the Steemit platform. Simply posting a comment underneath a blog post or upvoting comments and blog posts can help make you money.

STEEM Power really is the key to the Steemit platform. You can think about STEEM power as the amount of influence you have. The more STEEM power you have, the more influence you have on the Steemit platform. STEEM power is so important, that people actually LEASE out their STEEM Power in exchange for, interest paid out in STEEM dollar, plus the principal amount of STEEM Power that was lent out.

4- SteemIt curation rewards
Curie is an organization on the Steemit platform that upvotes promising authors that publish high-quality posts on Steemit. If you are just starting out, a blog post can result in a payout of less than $1. However, if Curie thinks your blog post is of a high quality, one upvote from them could see that same blog post payout $80. Curie as an organization have a lot of STEEM power, therefore, a single upvote from results in a big payout for you.

5- Write articles for other people
If you like writing articles, but don’t think you can build up a following quickly enough, then maybe you should consider writing articles for other people. There are users on the Steemit platform with a lot of STEEM Power to play with, but have very little content to dish out to their followers.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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