Excellent use of Steemit for your site with movies!

in #steemit8 years ago

Today ru-segment attracted my attention Post: New on STEEMKINO.RU - "Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers." https://steemit.com/steemkino/@steemkino/novinka-na-steemkino-ru-retchet-i-klank-galakticheskie-reindzhery
The link appeared site with popular movies in HD -quality, which can be viewed without registration.
To support the work of the project is invited to upvote post describing the film.
I think it's a great idea! On the one hand users are involved in a social network c other people can watch your favorite movies without annoying ads.
And all this was made possible by Steemit! It can be expected that such projects will become more and more.


this looks interesting so keep us updated please

Thank you for the high rating! It's really important for us at this stage!

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