Why you should always try to look at things from more perspectives??

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I have been thinking about the topic of view points/ perspective/ attitude quite a lot recently and realized it is one of the most fundamental things you have to look at and really dig into when you want to understand someone else.


Perspective is also connected with each ones personality and even simple things such as a glass of water that is half full can be described by someone else as half empty.

Physical point of view

The different opinions on things can be influenced even just by a different position of yourself to others. For example when you are in a train it is not moving related to you but someone standing outside the train can see it moving very fast, these are some of the basics of Physics.

point of view.jpg

Arguments & Conflicts

Most of the arguments or conflicts start because those involved in it have different points of view and different attitudes. To understand each other better you should try to always take a look from their point of view to prevent any further unnecessary conflicts or at least understand the situation better.


  • The personalities of people and their points of view have huge impact on how history is written and passed to next generations. Any information can be misleading because it was told or written by different people. If people can disagree even in such simple things as half empty / half full glass the impact on history of e.g war can be enormous.

  • Even education of this subject can be greatly influenced by this. lets say in 1940 during the WW2 kids were taught something completely else about it in e.g Germany than in Russia or USA. A big role here also play emotions and attitudes of people teaching it.

  • During the WW1 USA experienced a huge economical boom while every country involved in war was getting in higher and higher debt. Why? Because it was not directly involved in the war and saw it as an opportunity to trade with Europian countries who were fighting and their economies were fully adjusted to the war (stagnating / backwards).


Knowledge is also greatly connected with this topic because the more you learn (not just things in school), read books or talk with other people the more points of view you simply have and can relate with someone more easily.

I would be glad if you tried to slow down a little and take your time before making any judgements of others just because you were to stubborn to take a look at the problem from someone else's perspective.


A few moments of empathy may save you from a lifetime of regret.

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