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Hello Steemians!!!
So how many have noticed the new Steemit logo on your profiles. I guess Everybody coz the update is so visible that hardly anyone would have missed it. If not just reload your Steemit Profile and You will see the New Update Rolled by Steemit Inc.

The Update has some Good features and some features where the Inc could have improved.

The Steemit has released the beta Version of the Steemit. There are a few updates and new features that the Steemit Inc has introduced into this Version.
As @ned had mentioned about some changes in Steemit and about the SMTs in his Post earlier this Week. The changes seem good but if the long wait has brought merely these changes, then I suppose the developer section of Steemit Inc needs to revisit their HF20 objective list.
The new Update of Steemit is welcome and but the Interface is not so great.
So far the new features and i have discovered or seen in this Beta Version of Steemit are as:

  • Steemit beta logo
  • Interface for Search and New Post icon changed
  • The Feeds section
  • The Font Size of the text and image can be changed.
  • The Wallet and Reputation 25 problem

Steemit beta logo

Earlier the Steemit logo was Changed from the Classical Blue Logo of Steem with the Green Steemit Logo. There was only the Green Steemit logo earlier and no Steemit written with the logo.
However, the new Update has included the name Steemit beta name with the Logo. Another update they have included with the logo is that it turns black when pressed upon.

The new Search and the New Post icons

The new update also includes the new search and New Post Icons. Now they are encircled and kept on same side of the page. Though on clicking the search icon, it still leads to the previous google search tab.
The new interface of Steemit looks more of a cartoonic artwork than the Classical one. I hope Steemit integrates The Search tab within this logo that won’t lead to another page for google search tab and upgrade the search to include the newly added accounts in the search list (which I am having hard time looking for unless the whole url of their profile is clicked on).

The Feeds Section

The feeds Section also has been updated. Now there is no common trending feed. The new update of feeds is very Elobrative. I like this feature. Now the user can look for separate tag without having to search for that in the search tab. A list of Commonly used tags are given and with each tag, there are further options of the regular Hot, Trending and Promoted posts. There is also an option of All tags and My feeds where you can visit your Following Steemians Posts.

The Font Size

There is another update from Steemit in this version and i think it is a Resize Font Button that appears while you visit blog. The Button on pressing makes the Font of the Posts Smaller and when pressed again, the Font regains its earlier size. So i think it is a Resize Font Button, but do let me know if you think this is for something else.


The Curious Case of Wallet and Reputation

Steemit has been showing some problem with the reputation while going into the wallet option. The Reputation would go back to 25 when clicked on Wallet. But the new update has rectified this issue and the Reputation now appears normal while going to the Wallet option. Though their is still a small glitch as while transformation the reputation still blinks to 25 and comes back to normal. I hope they correct it completely.

So these are the features i have seen so far from Steemit Inc. The new Update looks good but at the same time much was expected from Steemit at this juncture of its Stage and growth.
If you think there are other features included in this beta Update of Steemit that i missed, kindly point them out in the Comments below.

I cordially Welcome new Steemians to this Amazing Platform. Welcome to Success, Welcome to Steemit!


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Well, are there more updates and improvement on steemit coming soon?

Yes, there are whole lot of updates in the bag; this is just the start! As far as news goes, You would definitely see much more coming in not so far time.

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