Steemit bug report

in #steemit4 years ago

Hello Steemit!

I just want to report some problems i encounter using Steemit,during last few hours.
I noticed that my upvotes won't "stick".I upvote some post,and moments later,upvote is gone.Same for comments.I left comment on some post,moments later,the post is gone.
Or..i upvote post,and after 10-15 seconds i upvote another post or comment and i get this msg:

I am sure that much more than 3 seconds has passed since my last upvote.Every time i try to upvote something,same message.Upvotes are working ok again after i reload the page.
It's a little annoying..I hope it will be resolved soon.

I don't know if someone is already posted something about this.If so,please post link in comments. Thank you! :)