Voting is Now Open - Here Are Our Week 4 Candidates for Delegation!

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Voting Is Now Open!

Hey @minnowfund community, we need your help! Last week we received 6 submissions for MinnowFund delegation and 3 of those met our requirements and are eligible for the voting round. Now it's time for you to vote on who you feel should receive our delegation. The person with the most votes will receive 50 SP delegation for a period of 45 days!

Once you've gone through the list of candidates, and read their answers, use the poll at the bottom to submit your vote! The poll is open until Wednesday night 11:59 PM EST.

Meet the Candidates

Candidate #1

Start Date12/12/2017
Primary NicheCryptocurrency
What Brought You to Steemit?Being Sick Of Youtube
Long-term Goals?To Become A Whale And Upvote Minnows. Unlike Other Whales
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?~20
How Many Followers?176
Amount of Steem Power?76 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I Want To Help Others By Upvoting/Resteeming Minnows Posts Out Of The Good Will Of My Heart

Candidate #2

Start Date1/18/2018
Primary NichePhotography, Blog Writing, Promoting My Country
What Brought You to Steemit?My Love For Writing. And Little Love of photography
Long-term Goals?Want to learn writing Blogs. I am and I will Always be considered as a Student of Blog Writing, putting voice for right and I believe on freedom of speech. Steemit has all of them what I need. So I would like to always be with Steemit.
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?70
How Many Followers?288
Amount of Steem Power?45.646 SP
Why Should We Pick You?I Don't know about others. But I have briefly written in 5th answer. So I am Hopeful for your Love.

Candidate #3

Start Date8/1/2017
Primary NicheHealth - mental health, but also a blog
What Brought You to Steemit?I was looking at making a blog and happen to find Steemit first thing.
Long-term Goals?To be able to communicate with others. To blog about my life and give people an idea of the struggles that I suffer with depression and heart disease so that they don't feel alone, should similar happen to them. I also want to document my journey as well
Link to one of your best blog posts
How Many Posts Last 4 Weeks?18
How Many Followers?558
Amount of Steem Power?37.4 SP
Why Should We Pick You?Because I have openly stated on my blog that I wish to be a part of Steemit, to attempt to make it a better community by supporting those that make good quality content.

Ready to Vote and Make Somebody's Day!?

Once you've read through the answers and visited each person's profile, please vote on who you feel best deserves our delegation. Simply click the button below to submit your vote when you're ready. You will have until Wednesday night 11:59 PM EST to cast your vote. We will announce the winner this Thursday!

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@minnowfund your plan is very good, but please check carefully the posts of your candidates before putting them into your list. May I request to reconsider one of your candidates : @kengtong . The reason is for copy/pasting the contents and non-credit images. Please check below as example :

Thank you @johnsmith119 for pointing this out. We have reviewed the links you presented and it does appear that @kengtong has copied and pasted content in their posts. We try our best to go through each candidate's channel and review their work but this plagiarism definitely got by us. We will be removing @kengtong from the voting round as this does go against our requirements. Thanks again for letting us know!

Almost forgot about the weekly vote. So much good stuff to read on Steemit, I get down the rabbit hole. Need to put this on my regular schedule of things to do.

You got a 44.21% upvote from @brandonfrye courtesy of @minnowfund!

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Thanks for the support @tonygreene113!! 😁

Thank you @brandonfrye you put me on the list!

A Great Way To Help :)