Why Does Steemit Not Cash In Bitcoin's Gambling Boom?

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We all know it. The Bitcoin world loves to gamble.

Source: bet2coin.com

All those crypto-males going into overdrive and powering the Bitcoin network with their testosterone rage.

In his book 'The Anatomy Of A Money Like An Informational Community' by Tim Swanson, he points out that 50% of all Bitcoin transactions are gambling bets to sites like SatoshiDice etc.

A lot of the Bitcoin bets I've seen on some sites are huge - there sure are some high rollers out there in crypto-land.

My idea would be to cash in on that in some way. I think if someone could setup a Steemit gaming site of some kind, this would allow a greater exposure of Steemit to the non-crypto community who may just use Bitcoin only.

It reminds me of a Bitcoin story that said a 12 year old boy had coded a gaming site in his own room and ended up making $500,000, but had no bank account to put it in. It just shows what potential is possible in today's crypto-world.

Bitcoin gambling itself is still in its early days, but there's still lots of room for potential disruption with a Steemit based gambling site.

I'm sure they'd be challenges along the way, but it was just an idea rattling around my head I wanted to get out there to you all.

Love to hear your feedback.



@steemsports is pretty awesome It is not really gambling though just upvotes but it pays out pretty well and up-votes are free so

This is exactly what came to my mind reading this post. I gambled a bit on the US election through @steemsports (I lost; my bet was on Hillary but it was still fun to play). I could easily imagine those types of betting games getting developed into some kind of more fleshed out Steemit extension web site in the future.

Lets hope that 12 year old kid collides with this post!!

I'd love a place to frolic with my spare STEEM change!!

Loving your bold new avatar BTW! Very @matrixdweller like ;)

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I think people would bolt to sites like this to gamble with their spare STEEM change!


I'm a big fan of UNO, and I still hodl some next to my STEEM.

UNO ... now that brings back crypto-memories!

(A v.rare crypto-coin if I remember, only 250,000 coins.)

Would love to see all all the different games going on here on the community there.

I think I'm going to see a flood of comments like this here today ;)

Steemit also makes it much more fun since its interactive.

(even just a simple dice game!)

Good plan. Anyone have any detail on that kid with half a mill and no bank account?

I wish I did. I think @ned would be on him frantically quick to boost the STEEM brand!