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Great post brother about some very important topics. I don't feel flagging is warranted unless it's an extreme case of verbal abuse or where physical harm is taking place. I've seen it's misuse on a few occasions to carry out it seemed personal vendettas against another poster. It's a bad look for the platform and I feel needs to be addressed going forward. I was very close to flagging a user a couple months ago but refrained from doing so b/c I I would have been acting out of personal feeling. My wife had finally joined Steemit and was starting to get involved with the community. She posted a picture of our daughters in the pool and another user accused her of exploiting our kids for the "almighty dollar" as they put it. Pissed me off something fierce & I was also very hurt. Needless to say, my wife removed all the pictures of her and the kids and is now pretty much nonexistent on here. What that user did was way out of line, but still not worthy of a flag in my opinion.

As for Steemit being a zero sum game in reference to rewards, I am in complete agreement with you. Users have earned their influence and are free to use it anyway they see fit. The SJW posts about calling out self upvoting and the like I think are rubbish. It's simply them trying to suppress other users freedom and tell them what they can and can't do with their money. I feel there's no place for that here, we deal with this mentality enough in our daily life dealing with politicians and government, the last place we need that communist mentality is here. Really good Daily Dose man. Re-Steemed

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I'm really new to steemit, (and an 'old' twat here, at 49 )Only 6 days posting. so never mind 'grey areas', it's more like dense fog at the moment.
I am all for free markets - my life has been one free market.
Ethics is the issue on steemit, as I see it .(please tell me where I am wrong, and clear some fog).
IF people are just gaming, without 'productivity' being their motivation-their goal, if you will, then the point of steemit, is nothing more than a well paying video game.
Some people may say that is valid.
However, but I would counter that by saying seeing that as a quality , is a sociopathic behavior. - The end justifying the means. - this being a very late 20/21st century mindset, which doesn't appear to be doing many countries, much good at the moment.
Without genuine productivity, (material or otherwise,) the value cannot be sustained, or even be of value, if you see what I mean.
That being the case, steemit is doomed as a free market forum. - there is no produce in the market, so to speak.
I'm sure there are ways to change the paradigm, and dis-incentivize the system being gamed - but I'll have to understand it all a lot more than I do at the moment, before venturing there.
I'd be really interested in your thoughts, as a 'veteran'.



When you find a non-zero sum game in our meritocracy you let me know? ;)


Sorry, mate, you misunderstood my points.

I probably didn't explain, or establish, my perspective, very clearly.
Cheers anyway