The Military MEMES Initiative

in #steemit6 years ago

I plan to use the SP earned on this platform to assist veterans and other programs involving other patriots. The SBD will be used to promote and use services to help me earn faster. The larger this account grows the more I will be able to do for these programs. Feel free to delegate SP to me I vote to earn also. The more the merrier in this case.

I am doing good so far the account value is about $10 USD. With your help and support maybe we can get it on and STEEMing?

I am not a well versed human being but I am giving and kind. I also intend on keeping with my word.

Thank you for your time. I hope you continue to enjoy my MEME creations.


Those of us that are members of the Veterans Community appreciate so much your support. Please feel free to drop by any time. We have a discord server that is open to all folks on the SteemIt platform that would like to just stop by and chat.

I am saving up my ""upvotes"" as I was very low, and would like to give you at the minimum a 100% upvoted. I believe I am at about 95% right now. I have resteemed your post though on my blog.

Thank you again for your contributions to the SteemIt Community. We salute you sir! Have a great week and keep them coming they are a laugh a minute.


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