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So in this post I am about to get a little esoteric. But after you finish reading I promise that you will have a basic understanding and you will look at things a bit differently.

This post will deal specifically with the following commandment:


Now some people may look at this as something that is self-explanatory. And yes on the basic level this is true. But this also goes a bit deeper. For you see, we have our biological mother and father. But we also have another mother and father that we almost completely ignore.

You see, we have a Father in Heaven and a Mother on Earth. And we the earthlings are their children. Earthlings do not only mean humans. This means animals, plants, insects, and sea life. Yes they are our family as well.

Our Father in Heaven is the Creator that most refer to as God. Our mother on Earth is who we all walk on and live our existence on. Also known as Gaia. This explains how we are all one. We are all family. Yet we attack each other on pretty much a daily basis. This is because we have lost that divine connection with our divine family.

Most importantly, we have allowed the dictates of man to determine our lives. When we need advice or help or guidance, we usually turn to men who think of us as lower than them. Men who believe that they have the undeniable authority to rule us, to tell us what to think, what to eat, what to wear, and who to look up to.

The most sickening thing about these men who believe they have the divine right to control us is that THEY ARE ATTACKING AND KILLING OUR MOTHER ON EARTH!

But they only get partial blame. But guess who get MOST of the blame. WE DO! That's right. The time for finger pointing is over. It's time to do some self-pointing. It's time to accept and take responsibility for the mess that we allowed to take place because we were to preoccupied with our own false lives to care.

Let me put it this way: If a man/group of men were continuously attacking your biological mother, would you continue to allow them to do it? I would hope that the answer to this question is NO. And if someone would act in such a way, they would have to be dealt with severely.

Well this is no different. We need to start acting as if an attack on the Earth is like an attack on our biological mothers. BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS! When we allow our Mother Earth to continue to be assaulted, eventually, all of us will suffer too (including our biological parents).

Not only that, when a child allows their mother to be attacked without so much as lifting a finger, our father will get mad and think: "What good are you if you don't care about what is happening to your mother?" Then daddy has to spank you and set you straight.

Now when it comes to humans we have been spanked over and over again, yet we still continue doing the same stupid stuff. This is what insanity is. And yes, the human race has gone insane.

Now back to the fifth commandment. When we don't honor our Mother our lives will be shortened. This is truer than you think. Because if our environment continues to be assaulted (chemtrails, water fluoridation, vaccinations, radiation leaks) THESE THINGS SHORTEN OUR LIFE SPAN.

There is also another aspect to this. In most areas in the world, we walk on concrete with shoes on. What does this have to do with anything? THIS SEVERS OUR CONNECTION WITH OUR MOTHER! We become so disconnected that we forget that our Mother is our Mother. So we look at her as just some dead rock that was the cause of the Big Bang.

I believe that internally we are aware of this, yet we push this to the back of our mind as if it doesn't mean anything. We all know something is wrong in this world and that we are not living the life we are supposed to be living. Yet we have become indoctrinated and desensitized to all of this just to make a quick buck and live a false reality.

Then we make excuses for why we must maintain this false reality. Excuses like:

'Well that's just life'

'There's nothing we can do about it'

'Stop being so negative'


Well we need to think of our Earth Mother as our biological mother. We need to have the same care about our Earth Mother that we would have with our biological mother. No more excuses!

And for those who say that this doesn't affect you, you're stupid, cold and heartless. And you don't deserve life. Because it is obvious that people who think like this while it is blatantly obvious that our Earth Mother is being attacked are so disconnected that it is no wonder that our Heavenly Father is about ready to destroy us.

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